'Twas The Night Before "Holy War"

Tucker Botkin@TBotkin1Correspondent INovember 20, 2008

With the annual "Holy War," and its numerous BCS implications, looming, I decided that it deserved a "'Twas the Night Before" poem:

‘Twas the night before "Holy War,"

And all lay awake.

One of college football’s big games,

In the valley Salt Lake.


On one side the Utes,

Unbeaten and jolly,

The other the Cougars,

With “Hall to Collie.”


There’s so much at stake,

Conference titles, big bowls,

A win is invaluable,

In BCS polls.


Wittingham and Mendenhall,

Leading the troops,

Perhaps for the chance,

To play Bobby Stoops.


Emotions are high,

The teams undeterred,

But who will be having,

The final word?


It’s that time of year,

The post season is nigh,

So blow your horn loud,

Angel Moroni.


And come one come all,

Male, female, young, old,

Rice-Eccles’ a sight,

For us all to behold.