Steelers-Bengals: Steel Curtain Win Again, How This Shapes the Playoffs

Jason BravermanContributor INovember 20, 2008

While I was unable to watch this matchup, like most of you, the result was quite telling for those who thought the Ravens had a chance to win the division. Now, yes, I understand they were playing the Bengals, but before you jump on the Bengals' case, consider these few facts:

They have a top 15 pass defense, they held Parker, Moore, and Co. to just 3.3 yards a carry, and just look at some of their losses (and tie). A Week One loss to Baltimore just 17-10, a three-point OT loss to the NFC's best team, the G-MEN, a one- possession loss to Cleveland, and, of course, their tie to Philly, a major playoff contender.

The Steelers showed a huge amount of upside this game; Roethlisberger's first game with two TDs since Week Seven, his first game with a touchdown and no picks for five weeks, and the second least amount of points allowed since Week Two.

This game also featured a 100+ rushing effort, and six different receivers making a catch.

Now, on to the playoff predictions:


East: Jets 11-5

North: Steelers 11-5

South: Titans 14-2

West: Broncos 9-7 (Tiebreaker over Chargers)

Wild Cards: Colts, Pats


East: Giants 13-3

North: Bears 10-6

South: Panthers 10-6 (Tiebreaker over Bucs)

West: Cards 10-6

Wild Cards: Bucs, Cowboys

More to come soon.