Shane Mosley: Does He Still Have What It Takes Or Is It Fading Away?

Nathan AguilarCorrespondent INovember 20, 2008

Shane Mosley, also known as Sugar Shane Mosley is a welterweight sensation that began his career as a unforgettable lightweight.  He held a record of 34 Wins (32K0) 0 Loss with nine successful title defensesof his IBF lightweight title.  He then jumped up two weight classes to challenge fellow star and local fighter WBC champion Oscar De La Hoya.

Shane Mosley defeated Oscar De La Hoya in a 12 round decision in a very fast and entertaining bout.  Although Mosley took home the WBC title he only took home a third of the purse that the fight made in the box office.  When De La Hoya the house hold name took home the bulk of the earnings Mosley realized he still had some proving to do.

He started on a good foot defending his newly won title three times before he met a different fate.  He took a challenge against Vernon Forrest which during that time wasn't a big name.  To the boxing fans who only watch main events Vernnon Forrest had a unbeaten record, but he wasn't capable of beating Mosley. 

Little did people know Vernon Forrest was a former Olympian that didn't only have a perfect record he also beat Shane Mosley in the amateurs.

Vernon Forrest defeated Shane Mosley in a 12 round decision winning the WBC title.  Six months later Mosley had a rematch with Forrest, but fell short once more losing the second bout by decision as well.  Sugar Shane Mosley didn't wait long about seven months later he tried to regain his name by fighting Raul Marquez but the match ended up in a NC in the third round.

With two defeats and a no contest scaring his perfect record Shane Mosley set a rematch fight up with Oscar De La Hoya.  Oscar feeling the fight was close the first time and that Mosley was at a tough time in his career a rematch to avenge his one of two losses was at the perfect time.  Mosley had a different out come in mind now more than ever was the time to come back and regain the name he once built for him self.

And that is what Mosley did he defeated Oscar De La Hoya for a second time in another 12 round decision.  Smiling in the ring raising his hand he looked like he was on the rise once more.  Unfortunately, it wasn't his time like a lot of great fighters Shane Mosley didn't run from big main events he embraced them like he did the Forrest fight.

Which led to him fighting Ronald Winky Wright a fighter that felt many ran from him because of his defensive skills and boxing ability.  Ronald Wright was the second man to beat Shane Mosley not once, but twice in back to back bouts like Vernon Forrest did.  Both fights went the distance ending in decision although Mosley was defeated he was never stopped by either fighter.

Mosley went on to win five more fights in a role with two knockouts beating Fernando Vargas, Jose Luis Cruz, Luis Collazo, David Estrada.  He fell short on his next fight against hard hitting Miguel Cotto.  He lost by decision failing to connect as many punches as Cotto did.  Although it was a active fight Shane Mosley seemed to be on step and one jab behind the younger boxer.

On Sept 27, 2008 Mosley finished Ricardo Mayorga with a 12 round knockout.  Even so Shane Mosley once again looked as though his timing was off, and he no longer had his crisp jab and hook.  Fatigue, or not enough training since he was fighting someone he new he could dominate.  I guess we won't know until his next fight.

Now with a record of 45 wins, five losses (38KO), one NC, Sugar Shane Mosley is scheduled to fight Antonio Margarito January 2009 for the WBA welterweight title.  Sugar Shane Mosley has taken the big name fights like he's knowing for, but can he pull it off.  He couldn't defeat Cotto and Margarito defeated him by TKO in the 11th round. 

We will just have to find out when Shane Mosley steps into the ring with Barnard Hopkins trainer Bouie Fisher after firing his father for a second time.