The Undertaker in Hell in a Cell (Video): Rating and Reviewing All Matches Part2

Justin HollowayCorrespondent ISeptember 15, 2011

The Undertaker in Hell in a Cell (Video): Rating and Reviewing All Matches Part2

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    Today, I continue this video slideshow with my ratings and a brief review for every single Hell in a Cell match the Phenom has waged war in to this date.

    This final part will cover the final few patches spanning from 2007 to 2010.

    The rating system is on a zero to five scale and focuses on the following topics:

    -Best Bump or Spot (pin-pointed & rated 0/5.0)


    -Use of the Cell and/or Foreign Objects

    -Finish (final minutes)

    I will add the numbers to create an Overall Match Score.

    I hope you enjoy!

The Undertaker vs. Batista: Survivor Series 11/18/2007 Miami, FL

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    Best Bump or Spot: Tombstone on the steps. 3.5

    Brutality: 3.5

    Use of the Cell and/or Foreign Objects: 4.0

    Finish: 3.5

    Overall Match Score: 14.5

    Good match, not great. Slow here and there, and a controversial ending. But you have to agree that the feud was very entertaining. Edge's camera man gimmick change could have worked! Wait, you mean he was just doing it to get in and change the match ending? Oh, OK, that makes more sense. So, yeah. Tombstone on the steps was pretty cool, right? Yup....


The Undertaker vs. Edge: SummerSlam 8/17/2008 Indianapolis, IN

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    Best Bump or Spot: TIE! I understand, and the Chokeslam through two tables! 4.0

    Brutality: 4.5

    Use of the Cell and/or Foreign Objects: 5.0

    Finish: 4.5

    Overall Match Score: 18

    I like Edge's fire in the first minutes of this match. But once he ran face first into the dead man's big boot, he slowed just a bit, didn't he? Excellent use of the ring steps by both men before Edge set the tables up and showed off his chair skills. Then Edge gets the ladders?! TLC Hell in a Cell? Seems like it!

    I understand! Edge put 'Taker through a table by leaping off the ladder and crashing down onto the dead man with a steel chair in hand. You can't help but love the spear through the cell wall. That was a wow moment for sure! Fantastic spot! Then they followed it up with a spear off the announce table into the second announce table. Keep it going, boys! Good stuff...Edge was dominating The Undertaker like never before. The nearest of the near falls in this match. A great match all around, and the bumps Undertaker took worried me for a moment. Thought the three-count was imminent.

    Edge tried to go old school (Love the boo when he does this.), but got caught. Then the chokeslam off the top rope through both tables. Giant explosion of table shrapnel! Once The Undertaker got back to offense, he was all on, with his finishers (stealing Edge's spear) and a con-chair-to as well. One of my favorites! Fantastic match that I was thinking Edge was going to win for a while there.

The Undertaker vs. CM Punk: Hell in a Cell 10/4/2009 Newark, NJ

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    Best Bump or Spot: The finish, to be honest. 2.5

    Brutality: 1.5

    Use of the Cell and/or Foreign Objects: 1.5

    Finish: 3

    Overall Match Score: 8.5

    A very short world-title match. Some solid mat wrestling for a hell in a cell. But not much on brutality and cell usage. I like CM Punk a lot, and I thought his performance was well done, but there just wasn't any emotion in this match for me. It seemed to be lacking in substance...

The Undertaker vs. Kane: Hell in a Cell 10/3/2010 Dallas, TX

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    Best Bump or Spot: The finish, to be honest. 2.0

    Brutality: 1.5

    Use of the Cell and/or Foreign Objects: 1.5

    Finish: 2.0

    Overall Match Score: 7

    The match was a bit of a letdown, to be honest. Kane and The Undertaker can perform better than this, I've seen it done. The ending with Paul Bearer was not enough to save it, but enough to keep the feud hot for a while longer...The Undertaker should have one this match.

Are There More Hell in a Cell Matches in the Dead Man's Future?

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    I know I'd love to watch The Undertaker in Hell in a Cell night after night, but he's getting up there in years, and his body has taken a huge toll. Yes, I hope he can rehab his injuries and have at least another few years to dismantle men inside the cell. But I'm not sure it will happen. In any case, I thank the Dead Man for giving us over two decades of destruction.

    Please comment with your thoughts, what you're favorite match was and who you would book in a Hell in a Cell with The Undertaker today!

    Thanks for reading and watching with me. -J.

    Part 1: Here!

    (Sorry if some of the links die out, it seems the WWE is cracking down hard on youtubers these days. One moment the link is good, the next it's been blocked. =\ )