WWE: The Top 5 Feuds That Should Be Happening Right Now

Robert KnightSenior Analyst IIISeptember 9, 2011

WWE: The Top 5 Feuds That Should Be Happening Right Now

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    WWE has had a small problem as of late.

    For some reason they like they to put two people together and make it appear that a feud is going to happen between the two. The two usually have a great match and their chemistry in the ring is very fluent.

    It appears obvious that the two will go after one another for a little while and though it might not lead to anything special the feud itself will be entertaining and fun to watch.

    Than out of no where they just stop.


    WWE seems to be doing that a lot lately with a lot of their superstars and I cannot understand why. With that said I will be counting down the top five feuds WWE should be doing right now but is not. Some where stopped and others are no-brainer's that it should happen.

    Without a further ado, Let the slideshow begin!

No 5. Kelly Kelly vs. Beth Phoenix

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    People are asking right now "Dont they have a match at Night Of Champions?" 

    Yes, they do. 

    Why did WWE have to go through an entire month just for them to have to face each other? If they wanted to have a match to see the number one contender they could have done this weeks ago and include all the divas.

    What WWE decided to do after Summerslam is not even mention the fact the Beth wanted to shake up the division for weeks on end until Natalya mentioned it herself.....on Twitter.

    Only after that occurrence did WWE show interest in continuing the feud and made an angle. The match to determine who would face Kelly Kelly was fairly predictable that Beth would win and in a sense was almost pointless to have.

    Needless to say the reason why this is on the list is because this is an interesting feud that almost completely died because WWE creative team was not pushing it at all.

    The match at Summerslam was very decent even though it was to mostly display that Kelly Kelly can wrestle for more than five minutes. I expect an improvement when the two face off NOC.

    If WWE knows what is good for them, they will hand Beth the title and keep this going. If they do not they will only be shooting themselves on the foot. 

No 4. John Morrison vs. Drew Mcintyre

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    These two have not been used well on Raw at all. Drew makes his cameos on Raw from time to time and does a match on Superstars and John Morrison has done nothing period.

    So why not face one another?

    It solves that problem and the fans get a pretty decent feud. These guys are proven in the ring, have unique styles and to have them face off one another will put a show on for the fans.

    The feud does not have to mean anything important but it would solve the problem of not knowing what to do with these guys and they can show off what they have.

    These guys have been main eventers before and can put on quite the show. 

    I would not mind if these guys went at it for a while and I believe the fans would not mind either. 

No 3. Uso's in the Tag Team Divison

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    Where have these guys gone to? 

    They went from facing Team Nexus and looking very impressive every week on Smackdown to disappearing.

    Why is this?

    These guys have shown how gifted they are in the ring. They are very entertaining and I do not think either of them have suffered any injuries to keep them off TV.

    So why are these guys not in the WWE tag team title picture? 

    It is almost as if WWE has completely forgotten about this gem of a team. They would be a perfect match for Kofi Kingstin and Evan Bourne. They are both high fliers, bust big time moves on each other, be very competitive, and put on a ten minute match without being boring. 

    This makes logical sense that The Uso's would be neck and neck with team "Air Boom." Instead WWE has "Awesome Truth" going after the titles since Team Nexus is occupied with Jerry "The King" Lawlyer. Awesome Truth is a great tag team of The Miz and R-Truth and they will put on a show for the crowd at NOC.

    However, it is a shame that The Uso's have not been used in weeks on end and have not been in the title picture at all. WWE better wise up and put these guys in there very soon. Have them in a Tornado-Three- Way-Tag-Team match.

    The competition that would ensue would be magic.    

No 2. Sheamus vs. Mark Henry

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    These guys are great against each other. 

    The most dominate man in the WWE vs. a man that can not only take him on but is not afraid to do it. These guys are a perfect fit for a feud. 

    These guys are not afraid of each other and have proven to be able to take each other on without being boring. Their match at Summerslam was a good match and displayed the power of Mark Henry and the resilience of Sheamus.

    Sheamus is the only person Mark Henry has not dominated. He put him through the wall in the crowd but Sheamus did not stay down. He has not shown to be the better man of the two like has with everyone else.

    Sheamus has stayed with him every step of the way and Sheamus himself has said it is not over between them.

    They have exchanged victories over each other and know how to work well together. Mark Henry deserves his title shot but not the way it was given to him. The only way WWE could stop the feud so Mary Henry can go after the title was to win a Battle Royal to determine the number one contender.

    Sheamus was in the top three with Mark Henry and Sin Cara. Normally the fans would be very excited for Randy Orton facing off against Mark Henry but Henry has dominated Orton every week since and is getting stale.

    WWE should still have these guys going at it because Sheamus has proven to be the only one who can hang with Henry one on one. The feud just stopped and felt like it never happened to begin with.

    It does not seem like WWE will be returning to this one and that is very sad because it was one of the feuds I looked forward to every week. 

No 1. Daniel Bryan vs. Wade Barrett

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    Great wrestlers? Check. Great matches? Check. Proven main eventers? Check. Would it not be great if two people who fit all of those quality's would face off? It sounds like it would be great feud that could last for months on end.

    Oh wait, WWE almost had that with Wade Barrett and Daniel Bryan. 


    They decided to drop the feud for...

    Seriously, why did these two just stop fighting?

    They both had a great things going for themselves. Going into Summerslam Daniel Bryan was on a winning roll and had won the MITB brief case. Wade Barrett had something to prove.

    He decides to state that he is better than Daniel Bryan, that he is the one who deserves the MITB and not him and he could beat him.

    A very bold move.

    The match was made to see who was truly better and appeared that WWE had a long feud planned for the two over the briefcase. The match they had was a long, technical one and was entertaining the crowd the whole way through.

    Wade Barrett picked up the victory over Daniel Bryan and proved that he is worthy of the case. This looked great and going into Smackdown and it was a big wonder what would happen next between the two.

    Smackdown came and does anyone know what WWE did with it?


    Never mentioned again, the two never saw eye to eye again, not been in the ring at the same time, Wade Barrett is jobbering to John Cena and Daniel Bryan appears that he cannot win consistently anymore. 

    What is WWE thinking?!

    They literary took one of the best potential feuds with two of their best young talents and acted as it never existed. 


    These guys are the best of the young talent in the WWE and WWE right now is wasting their talent, skills and appears to be confused as to what to do with them. Put them back in a match together WWE!!

    I cannot understand why they are doing this, why they thought it was a good idea and I am more than certain they could use another way to introduce the Sin Cara feud without using Daniel Bryan. 

    WWE has dropped the ball big time on this and it hurts my mind to even think how they could do this. 


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    Let me know your thoughts on the slide show, agree or disagree with the list, and other feuds you believe WWE should be doing right now!