The Atlanta Sports Scene: Bad, but not Abysmal

David HarrisCorrespondent IFebruary 2, 2008

Ben Bussard from the Bleacher Report (an aggregator of sports commentary of which I recently became a part) writes a fairly unoriginal story about the sad state of Atlanta professional sports.

His grammar's a little rough, but he does a fairly good job of restating (again) the frustrations of being a sports fan in Atlanta. Some takeaways:

- Bussard uses the typical approach when dealing with the anomaly of success of the 1991-2005 Braves.

"Excluding the post-1990 Braves, the city of Atlanta has suffered through 40 Hawks seasons (NBA), 42 Falcons seasons (NFL), 16 Flames and Thrashers seasons (NHL), plus 25 seasons from the aforementioned pre-1990 Braves."

Except that you can't exclude elements from a sample like this.

Whether or not you think the Braves should have won more World Series (a debatable point I consider moot in the wild card era), the fact is that for 14 consecutive seasons, they won the division in which they were placed. No other team in any sport has ever achieved that.

- Bussard also takes an unfortunate swipe at a tragic event in Atlanta sports history.

"The Thrashers won the Southern Division in 2007 after six losing seasons, but were swept in the first round faster than a Dany Heatley-driven Ferrari."


- Finally, Bussard hits on the one element with which I totally agree: Atlanta has some of the most passive fans around, who tend to disappear when their teams aren't winning.

It's definitely frustrating, but it's not an exclusive trait to Atlantans. His statement that "Minneapolis has been just as unsuccessful as Atlanta in terms of winning, but at least the Metrodome is always packed―regardless of the sport" is simply false on multiple levels.

Guess that's why the North Stars left and the Twins were once rumored to be on the chopping block if baseball had chosen contraction.

I don't think there is any city (outside of Boston) that wouldn't say they'd like to see more championships from their sports teams. And we are saddled with one of the worst football franchises here in the A.

However, the Thrashers seem to be trending slightly up, as do the Hawks. And the Braves have been a quality product for approaching 20 years.

All we can do is continue to be good fans, attend games, and bring and inform other people.

All we need is one little run like the one Boston is on, and the "worst sports city" conversation can be put to bed forever.