There is Still a Lot of Season Left for the Oregon Ducks

Cameron NicholsContributor INovember 20, 2008

With the bye week the anticipation builds. Only one regular season game left, but still so much on the line. That’s the beauty of college football. One week can make or break a season, especially in a rivalry game.

Duck fans are waiting patiently for November 29. The focus is on the Civil War. No other games matter anymore. We’ve played ourselves into this position and now there are only 60 minutes of football left to decide our bowling (post-season) fate.

It’s hard to look at the year and feel complete satisfaction. The “what ifs” are in the back of every fans mind and the wonder of what position we would be in if we got the right bounces, avoided injuries or hung onto more footballs, but again that’s college football. You never know what one play can do to a 13 game season.

As hard as it is to not think those “what if” thoughts, we should be pleased with what our team has accomplished.

The Ducks came into this season with high expectations, even though we had minimal experience at QB, only to have the experience we did have taken away by injuries. The defense at times hasn’t played up to the high standards set for them to start the season by fans and the media.

But here we are, potentially two games away from tying the second best season for wins in Oregon history. It is hard to not see that as a success. No matter what happens this season has taught the fans and more importantly the young players a lot. Unexpected stars were given their moments to shine and expected leaders stepped up to keep the team moving forward.

This weekend, every Duck fan will have their eyes and ears open towards what is happening in Tucson. And there are certainly mixed feelings on the desired out come of the game between the Oregon State beavers and the Arizona Wildcats.

For some, they want it to be Oregon who knocks the Beavs off their high horse in the Civil War. Others want to see the smell of roses turn to that of mulch in the Arizona night, only have a chance to rub in one more loss, knocking the Beavs even further down the Pac-10 food chain.

So much is dependent on what happens in this weekend’s game. Hey, if everything happens just right the Ducks could be the ones in Pasadena at seasons end. But don’t hold your breath. What we do know, is no matter what happens, next weekend is now our biggest game of the season.

The Beavs are the media darlings of the Pac-10, on their way to potentially a season to remember. A stud true freshman and an underrated defense have helped lead this team from an ugly first loss to thoughts of a first Rose Bowl appearance in 40+ years nearing a reality.

Let the Beaver fans bask in their current limelight. Don’t fire back at all the trolls that patrol the Duck blogs and forums, who merely just try to get a rise out of us. Be the bigger person here. Congratulate them on their season so far. Tell them you’ll be cheering them on against Arizona (even if you aren’t).

You don’t have to wear black and orange or even give a “go beavs,” but just show the courtesy, that Beaver fans don’t, because next weekend it is going to feel that much sweeter to rub it in their faces when the Ducks bring the Beavs back down to earth and send the OSU faithful canceling their holiday trips to Disneyland and rescheduling their flights to San Francisco and the Emerald Bowl.

There is still a lot of season left.

Go Ducks!