Night of Champions 2011: CM Punk vs. Triple H, Is Kevin Nash Setup to Return?

Justin HollowayCorrespondent ISeptember 8, 2011

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Sources confirm Kevin Nash's firing as a work.

With the COO Triple H and CM Punk headed into a No Disqualifications match at this coming Night of Champions pay per view. Could we see the seven footer get involved? I think so. I look for Kevin Nash to run in and stick CM Punk one more time. This possibly leading to Triple H's heel turn.

I've noticed since being COO, Triple H hasn't been very vocal about his own opinions. Only what's right for the business. I think a heel turn could be a way for Triple H to tear down that barrier and let his emotions show in his actions a bit more.

I think Triple H is missing the fire Vince McMahon had at one time. It was something that made him great at what he did on camera. This match needs to, in some way, reinvigorate the COO and bring back his edge. Triple H should not be known as the "Nice Boss" compared to Vince McMahon.

Honestly, I'd enjoy watching the COO interject himself more during the show, even stepping in on decisions for matches that the crowd seemed to perceive as sub par. Perhaps he might actually retaliate when one of his Superstars has something negative to say about him on air.

As well, I think Kevin Nash needs to return at the pay-per-view to realign himself with Triple H before he leaves for his movies and independent spots again. To leave these two real life friends as rivals or enemies would tarnish the realism I think the WWE is going for in this Reality Era, as it's being called.

One of the moments I personally think helped kick off the Reality Era was during the 2011 WWE Hall of Fame induction ceremony for Shawn Michaels. When Kevin Nash and Sean Waltman came out on stage to congratulate their kliq brother, HBK. That was a very real and heartfelt moment. I'm not saying I was brought to tears, but you know there were real emotions showing in that moment for all of them.

Speaking of Shawn Michaels, who was arguably the best in-ring performer of all time. I think CM Punk may be capable of hitting those heights as well, if given the opportunities Shawn Michaels was able to grasp. I'm not saying he's as good as Shawn Michaels was in his prime, but he is as entertaining, in my opinion.

Also in my opinion, I believe in order for CM Punk to lose to Triple H at Night of Champions, it needs to be a dirty victory. You never saw Vince McMahon win a clean one-on-one victory over one of this Superstars, right?

CM Punk needs to keep winning in order for the people to stay interested in what he says.

If he was losing every week, or trying to win by Flair-esque means, his promos would start to sound a bit more like Christian's each week. Whining and moaning about how he isn't respected the way he should be. But Punk has truth behind his voice and that will stay intact if he has a greater win/loss record. There's not enough bang in the pipe-bomb if there's no bang in your matches.

I'm not one for predictions, but as a fan, I can tell you what I would like to see happen in this No Disqualifications bout at Night of Champions...

Both men would take each other to the limit physically and psychologically. We would probably see the sledgehammer introduced by Triple H. CM Punk looks more like a tables and kendo stick kinda guy in my book.

I'm sure a chair or two will have their 15 seconds of fame. Triple H is also very entertaining for a live crowd during a match that caters no count-outs, usually taking his opponent through the sea of people, or at the very least, down the ramp-way and staging areas.

Near the end of the match, CM Punk picks up Triple H for the GTS. Kevin Nash runs in the ring, CM Punk drops Triple H and misses Nash with a roundhouse kick. Kevin Nash connects with a big boot, while Triple H gets to his feet to collaborate with some back-to-back finishers.A Jackknife from Kevin Nash and a thunderous pedigree from the COO.

If John Cena were to win the WWE title, I'd have him to try and help out CM Punk at this point, just before the pinfall. This just seems logical for some reason.

Although, I'd prefer something more shocking like John Cena turning on CM Punk and aligning himself with Triple H and Kevin Nash to form a heel stable. Possibly a new NWO?

Either way, I believe CM Punk needs to win or, at the very least, lose in an unsavory manner not to tarnish his fair and straight edge record. Let me know how you'd like to see it play out, or just your preferred winner in the No Disqualifications match.

Thanks for reading! -J.