The All-Second-Round Team

Matt MessettContributor INovember 20, 2008

The second-round of the NBA Draft is a veritable crapshoot. Every once in a while, however, a gem has fallen through the first-round cracks and has turned into a great NBA player. I've assembled my All-NBA team consisting of players drafted in the second round.


PG- Mark Price, First Pick of Round Two-1985

Whenever someone asks me about underrated NBA players, the first name I blurt out is always Mark Price. This guy had the stuff of an all-world PG but was eventually cut down by nagging injuries. 

From 1987-1995, this second-rounder out of Georgia Tech put up averages of 17 PPG and seven or eight APG, all while shooting at a solid 47-48 percent FG clip and consistently being at the top or near the top in FT% and 3P%.

He became something of a legend to Cleveland fans for his ability to befuddle defenses with his all-around game. 


SG- Manu Ginobili, 28th Pick of Round Two-1999

Manu was one of a number of absolute finds by the San Antonio Spurs. Taken with the second-to-last pick in 1999, Ginobili quickly made a name for himself around the league with his amazing abilities to score the basketball, no matter the circumstances.

Ginobili gives new meaning to the term "international flair" with his trademark body twists as he fights to the hoop. Ginobili has been a consistent 14-15 PPG scorer in his time as a Spur and has been one of the spearheads of the international revolution in the NBA in the past decade or so.


SF- Michael Redd, 14th pick of Round Two-2000

I've decided to go with a three-guard rotation because the talents of Michael Redd need neer be wasted as a backup 2. Michael Redd has gone from a second-banana in college to one Scoonie Penn, to an elite-level NBA talent with the quickest and sharpest shot in the game today—possibly ever.

Through pure hard-work, Redd has established himself as a top-level scorer, peaking in 2006-'07 with a per-game average of 26.7. This second-round steal is proof that dedication pays off, even at the pro level.


PF- Dennis Rodman, Third pick of Round Two-1986

Quite simply the greatest rebounder in NBA history. Rodman is a six-time league leader in offensive rebounds, a three-time leader in defensive rebounds, and a seven-time (in consecutive years) league leader in rebounds per game. 

Did I mention he's also a seven-time NBA first team All-Defense player, as well as a two-time NBA Defensive Player of the Year? Did I mention he's also one of the game's most memorable figures, with his trademark bad behavior and colorful hair styles?

Not bad for a second-round pick out of powerhouse Southeastern Oklahoma State.


C- Carlos Boozer, Sixth pick of Round Two-2002

Boozer may not be a prototypical center, as he tops out at around 6'10". But then again, Boozer isn't your average NBA player in general. Coming out of the great state of Alaska, that breeding ground of NBA talent, Boozer has spent his basketball life trying to create a name for himself.

He was successful at Duke, and even more successful in the NBA, as he has put up career averages of 17 points and 10 rebounds in his still-young career, with a shooting clip of just over 54 percent.

Boozer grinds opponents into the hardwood with his hard-nosed play and his general desire for the basketball on rebounds. He's a young man due to make a great deal of money in the near future, continuing to make a name for himself as one of Alaska's native sons.


Sixth Man- Toni Kukoc, Second pick of Round Two-1990

Every great team has a great role-playing sixth man off the bench. Toni Kukoc is one of the NBAs most underrated and versatile players in history. He became something of a Chicago legend in their late-'90s title run, with his unbelievable ball-handling and shooting touch, despite his near seven-foot frame.

He paved the way for such seven-foot international pros today such as Dirk Nowitzki, Andrea Bargnani, and Danilo Gallinari. This former Sixth Man of the Year will go down as one of Jerry Krause's shrewdest moves as Bulls GM.


Filling out the bench

Rashard Lewis

Gilbert Arenas

Jeff Hornacek

Anthony Mason

Antonio Davis

Ben Wallace