Donald Driver's Dad & Brian Urlacher's Punch: Packer's Midweek Update

Don ZakCorrespondent INovember 20, 2008

The two biggest midweek stories coming from Titletown this week:

The arrest and brutalizing of Donald Driver’s father in Houston, TX and the Chicago Bears vandalism of the visiting teams locker room at Lambeau field.

On Wednesday, the Green Bay Press Gazette reported that Marvin Driver was severely beaten and remains hospitalized after two Houston police officers arrested the elderly man. Marvin Driver was taken to the ICU station at Hermann Hospital, where doctors state that “there is some bleeding on his brain from blunt force trauma."

Police arrested Driver outside the home of a relative and was taken to jail due to pending arrest warrants. When paramedics were called into the jail, they found him “injured, semiconscious and unresponsive when they arrived” as Sports Illustrated reports on their website.

Donald was granted a leave of absence from the team and coach Mike McCarthy stated that, “Driver is excused from practice today and tomorrow for a personal situation” but declined to comment further. McCarthy expects Driver to be back to play Monday night against New Orleans.

The most terrible part of this entire story is that Donald and his wife, already loved and respected in the Green Bay community, have stepped up in the absence of Brett and Diana Favre to continue to run certain charity events.

Donald hosts the celebrity softball tournaments now, and Betina runs a book drive program for the Brown County Library system. Both are held in the highest esteem by the community and the citizens are in an uproar over the terrible treatment Mr. Driver received at the hands of the Houston Police force.

On a lighter note...

Green Bay Packer’s cleaning crew discovered in the visitors' locker room at Lambeau Field Monday morning that a fist-sized hole was in the wall.

''I don't know if we'll ever know who did it,'' a Packers spokesman told the Wisconsin State Journal. ''We're not certain how it occurred. We will make the appropriate repairs, and the visitors' locker room will be ready for the Panthers when they come in for our next home game.''

Bears spokesman Scott Hagel said the team was unaware of any property damage.

“There is a hole in one of the walls of the visiting locker room,” said Aaron Popkey, the team’s manager of corporate communications. “We’re not certain how it occurred, but it would appear it took place over the weekend.”

Can anyone not imagine Brian Urlacher punching those holes in every visiting locker room for the remainder of the season? He is such a sweet guy, and has more of my sympathy since his wife Laurie divorced him in 2006 for infidelity.