Will The Mets Re-Sign Eccentric Left-Hander Oliver Perez?

Nick DeSilvioCorrespondent INovember 20, 2008

Oliver Peh-Rez....

After acquiring Perez as a throw-in from the Pirates back in 2006, Oliver has shown signs of brilliance, especially in big-game situations.

However, he has had his share of hiccups, mostly against bad teams like the Nationals and his former club, teams that he THINKS he should be able to dominate with his stuff.

This man is the biggest headcase I've ever seen in a MLB uniform. He jumps over the foul line whenever he ends an inning, sometimes a very high jump if he's pumped up, other times it's a slight hop if he knows he screwed up.

Perez in 2007-08 had big games against the Yankees and Braves, but it seems like every time out our opinion of him changes.  He did not do very well towards the end of last season, (who didn't) causing a lot of fans to want to trade him.

His second-to-last start this year was miserable, causing fans to demand that we don't resign him.

But then he pitched rather well in his last start so the fans were warmed up again and said "re-sign him if the price is right."

Either way, no matter who gets him, they will be signing a Jekyll and Hyde type player. you never know if you're going to get the good or bad Ollie on any given night.

The Mets, more than any other team but the Pirates, know what Oliver can bring to the table, but his agent Scott Boras is going to be sure to attempt to drive up Oliver's price as high as possible.

On Nov. 20, Metsblog.com reported that the Mets want to resign Perez at $12 million per year, but he's likely to demand a lot more then that, with a four-year, $50 million type of contract.

Other teams involved with him right now are the Braves and Yankees, ironically the two teams that Perez dominated the most this past season.

I believe that the Mets should get Perez back. You know that he is going to lose his share of games, but who doesn't? He's not a No. 1 or No. 2 starter, and we don't need that anyway because we have Johan and Big Pelf. 

Perez has nasty stuff when he is on, but has struggled to find consistency. Maybe his third year in orange and blue will be a charm.

Pay the Man his money!

I'd take him on my team over both Lowe and Burnett, who is far too injury-prone to my liking. Perez will blow his games, but at least you KNOW he will be on the field to blow them!

PLEASE Re-sign Ollie, Omar!

You gave Luis Castillo four years at $24 million; he has busted knees and a bad attitude, why can't you give Peh-rez, who is a good competitor, the contract that he deserves?

We need him in our rotation in 2009. I'm scared to think what's going to happen if we have to rely on Jonathan Niese to make 20+ starts.

Who agrees with me?

And who do you think will get Ollie when it's all said and done! Discuss below!