Our Top Five Football B/R Writers Are...

Bernie and Pat MorrisCorrespondent INovember 20, 2008

Pat: Well, first and foremost, we wanted to offer a hand of apology for being absent.  Bernie had a bit of an "accident," but we are back

Bernie: You wanted to offer a hand of apology? What the hell does that even mean?

Pat: It means your face reminds me of an ugly lump of mashed potatoes. Now let's get to the point

Bernie: Right. Top five writers on B/R. Now, we have to narrow this down a bit. To be honest with you, it's football season, let's concentrate on that.

Pat: Good point.  Top five Football writers. I already have my picks...

Bernie: Hmmm It's a bot tougher for me, but I think I do too...

Pat: Alright, i'll go first since I'm the best. Remember if you ain't first...you're last.

Bernie: Yeah yeah yeah. Go eat a donkey...or a hash brown. You decide.

Pat: LOL.  WHAT?? 

Pat: No. 5- James Williamson. He is passionate and is hilarious when responding back to comments. He could use a little bit more experience, but the boy's got passion and dedication. Hard to come by these days

Bernie: Hmmm. Yes I agree with that.  He does have a lot of feisty is him.  Kinda like Harold the Duck.  That thing was the devil!

Pat: Um...ok. So would you agree with that being your No. 5 choice as well?

Bernie: Oh.  I would have to say No.  I would actually go with my No. 5 being...Daniel Cox. He writes a  series called "Letters to the League" and he never disappoints.

Pat: Yes! I do like him. Though he always messing with Brett...Looks like all the Brett haters are shutting their mouths, as they should!! 

Bernie: Give it time, my friend. After all, the playoffs are just around the corner.  This is where Brett misunderstand "throwing a touchdown pass" to "throwing an interception"

Pat: Whatever.  Those kind of statements really do tug at my thigh

Bernie: HAHA. WTH??

Pat: No. 4 for me would be...(Ok, before I say this—listen people—this isn't a popularity contest. I am writing the people that I truly think are great writers. IF you don't agree, then that's fine—don't attack the writer, and don't tell me crap about how so and so should be on this list. THIS IS MY LIST DAMNIT)...My No. 4 would be Ray Bogusz. 

Listen the guy can be negative with his articles, but he can write well. I like that.

Bernie: Hmm, haven't read much of his work to be honest. But will start immediately.  Wait, is that the guy with a picture of a rat terrier?

Pat: I thought it was a golden retriever?

Bernie: What? It was like 10 pounds and white? With glasses?

Pat: Why can a rat terrier have glasses and not a golden?
Bernie: Ok seriously. My No. 4 would be...Kristofer Green. If you want to know anything about the college football, talk to Kristofer. Plus, the guy loves to write. He has 100 articles in just four months.

Pat; Oooh that's impressive. One-hundred articles, huh?  I like that.  He just moved up in my book. I will not watch out for this guy..kinda like watching out for policeman on a 70 degree night.

Bernie: LMAO.  I don't get it!!??

Pat: Interesting.  Okay No. 3.  This is hard.  Party because my next two haven't written many articles, but they always deliver an amazing one.  So, I am going to go with the person that to me writes from the heart no matter what the consequence is as my No. 2. 

Therefore, my No. 3 would be Gray Ghost.  He is consistent, his writing just flows, and he gets along with everyone on this site.

Bernie: I agree with that choice.  I am curious to see who your top two are now.  My question is with Gray—where has he been?

This is football season—he started off strong, but hasn't written anything in over a month.  I am sorry, but to be included in the contest, there has to be more writing, especially with how football has been lately!

Pat: So who would your No. 3 be?

Bernie: Buddy Smith. I like his name and I like his articles.  He is very wise and has been a bit underrated. Much like a Matt Ryan. Just wait and he will explode!

Pat: I'm gonna explode! Haha. I ate too much corn nuts.

Bernie: You ate too much?  or Too many?  Seriously...what is wrong with you?

Pat: YOUR MAMA wrong with me. Now, my No. 2.  Ahhh, I like this person a lot.  And it's a GIRLY GIRL. 

She writes with passion, loyalty and that girl got some knowledge to the sport of football. 

Her best article, and best on B/R in my opinion, was "My side of the Story". Completely captivating.  She went outside the lines on this one and made a masterpiece.  For that article, and the rest that followed, I say Kristin Hamlin is my No. 2.

Bernie: Yes, Kristin. Damn that girl is cute and she can write.  I would definitely rank her in my top five, but would like this to be a chance for us to get 10 names out there.  But, kudo's to Kristin. 

We are glad you are on B/R. There are some other cutie patooties that just want attention with their looks, but you got the talent!

Pat: Ok. Apparently, Bernie's crush has yet to pass. But we do love her writing.

Bernie: My No. 2 would be Michael Cline. Dude is hilarious and he actually is a very talented writer

Pat: I LOVE that kid. HE is witty. Kinda like your Aunt Beatrisa on acid. I liked his article on Kurt Warner.

Bernie: Me too--and his paranoia of owls?

Pat: LOL. Who is scared of owls?

Bernie: Michael Cline apparently. lol.  But he is my No. 2.  I would like to see him write more articles though.  He is very talented and needs to back it up by writing more.

Pat: BABY GOT BACK.. Who sang that???

Bernie: Tupac??

Pat: I think it was MC Hammer.

Bernie: NO....I don't think MC was around then

Pat: Hmmm Perhaps.

Pat: Okay. Big time No. 1. Honestly, it is no surprise but let me first say, that this writer is beyond talented.  They will take a subject and write about it so well, it's like you are there.  This writer has written many articles, most very debating, and always follows it up with a better one, if that is even possible. 

My No. 1 - Lisa Horne

Bernie: Ahhh Lisa.  I like her a lot.  I noticed she wrote another article on Rich Rod from Michigan. Remember all the slack she got from the first one?

Pat: That's my point. She doesn't care.  She writes based of passion and knowledge, not a popularity contest.  I don't believe she cares about POTD.  She just likes to write.  She doesn't need to be the fan favorite, but she is, because she is real.  She is a little cutie too ;)

Bernie: Well put. Looks like you have two leading ladies in your life :)

Pat: I wish!!!  But they are two of the best I have seen around in a long time.

Bernie: Well my No. 1 would go to...Angel Navarro. He is ALWAYS consistent, NFL community leader, and a very detailed writer. When I read one of his articles, I always ALWAYS learn something. I like that.

Pat: Hmm. Yes and he likes Brett!

Bernie: No, he just likes the JETS. Big difference, Sally

Pat: I'll put a big difference to your FACE.

Bernie: Alright, there you have it ladies and gent.  Disagree with us, that's fine.  Stop whining about it though and just use this for fuel to write a better article. 

We look forward on Gray Ghost writing some more articles and we look forward to some more "outside the box" articles by Kristin. 

James, we can't wait to read more about Dallas—or maybe some OTHER team, and Michael keep calling out those goldfish!  Lisa-you never disappoint so keep them coming!!

We love you all and SHAKE AND BAKE

Bernie: Honorable mentions: Sportsmonk, Scott Reiger, The Takeover, David Arreola, Joe Guarr, T.W. Krems, John Baucum, Jon Grilz, Justin Goar, Tim Pollock, BabyTate, AND MANY MANY MORE

Pat: Honorable mentions- Bernie's Mom.


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