Stupid-Ass ESPN: Lose the Big 10 Bias on College Gameday and Scoreboard

Jennifer MercerCorrespondent INovember 19, 2008

ESPN. Let me take a moment to go off on these ignorant, sycophantic, pathetic, sh**heads.

ESPN used to be a network I watched regularly—now I can't stand it! Why, you ask? Because of the way it now runs its college football coverage.

Memo to the losers at ESPN: There is actually awesome college football being played outside of the University of Spoiled Children (USC) and the Big 10+1!

I've watched College Gameday and Scoreboard this season. All they do on Gameday, from what I've seen, is talk about the Big 10+1 and USC. And then, on the Scoreboard show, they repeat the same USC and Big 10+1 highlights that they showed repeatedly throughout the day. Trying to see highlights from the Big 12, SEC, other teams in the Pac-10 not named USC, Mountain West, etc. is damn near impossible. 

And, please, could somebody give Mark "fat ass" May a towel so he can wipe off his chin after he talks about Florida or USC? Never in my life have I heard such a blithering, idiotic, knee-pad-wearing fat head blather on and on about the teams du jour! And Lou "grandpa" Holtz: Can someone give this old fart his Alzheimers medication? 

The thing is that with every other sport, ESPN does a great job; it reports and shows favorites to no one. But when it comes to college football, it is so pro-Big 10+1 it makes me sick. I guess since it has a contract with the pathetic Big 10+1 to show every meaningless game, like Northwestern versus Indiana, which nobody outside of ESPN and those two lame-ass schools care about, it is in their best interest to promote the Big 10+1 at all costs no matter how foolish, stupid, and idiotic its staff looks. 

And while I'm talking about looking foolish, stupid, and idiotic, let me mention one thing...

Please, could we dispense with the "Terrell Pryor is the greatest quarterback in the history of college football ever" hyperbole? Listening to these ESPN pud-pullers while they drone on and on about how great Pryor is sickens me to no end.

Yes, Pryor is a good player. Yes, he was highly rated coming out of high school. Yes, he plays quarterback for Ohio State. But, for the love of God in Heaven, could you ESPN dweebs insert just a tad of reality into your disgusting man-tard crush on this kid and look at the situation as it really is?

Terrell Pryor is the quarterback for the strongest team in the weakest FBS college football conference. The Big 10+1 is so weak it's below the ACC and Big East. And, yet, to hear those ESPN clowns, you'd think that: a) The Big 10+1 is the toughest conference in the nation, b) Ohio State plays a tough schedule, and c) The Big 10+1 actually matters. I guess delusion and stupidity, like arrogance and ignorance, go hand in hand.

Bottom line: ESPN lost whatever credibility it had when it became the cheerleaders, spokespeople and/or mouthpiece for the Big 10+1 conference.