Five Players in College Football That Are Not Household Names...Yet

Reggie GarciaCorrespondent INovember 19, 2008

Recently I took an extended hiatus from writing. I needed to get away from writing for a bit, and I feel I have become more of a "complete writer."

Let's see if it works.

In this day and age of crazy offensive schemes, kooky coaches, and "playmakers"  (playmakers should be the coaches, since they actually make the plays), it is hard to find players that can figuratively inflict pain on an opposing team's offense and/or defense.

Let alone that some of them are FRESHMEN.

Here is a list of the players I think will soon be those notable players—and yes, I could not get everyone on this list of five, and you are more than welcome to disagree with me, but please do so in a mindful and polite manner. =]

1. Jeff Demps, RB, Florida

Already the second leading rusher on a very...VERY fast team, Demps seems positioned to be a very explosive player in Meyer's offense. He has world-class speed (10.17 in the 100-meter dash). He is a small player standing at only 5'10", but what he lacks in size he makes up for with versatility.

Demps has almost 500 yards rushing and six total touchdowns. Not to mention, he is the fastest guy on the special teams running downfield on kickoffs, which shows A LOT of courage. 

Florida is one of the most dominating teams I have seen in quite a while, not only on offense but defense. When you input someone like Demps into Meyers' very spread offense, well, the rich get even richer.

Demps may not be the first option in this score-happy offense right now, but give any player with that kind of raw talent time in an offense, and he will shine.

2. Russell Wilson, QB, NC State

I found out about Russell Wilson the same way a lot of us fans do...a team's current starters are sucking (Daniel Evans, Harrison Beck), so the coach puts in a freshman, praying for some sort of "freshman miracle." Well...

Your prayers have been answered, Tom O'Brien

Wilson has been more than just a miracle for the Wolfpack. He has been a spark in that offense, in such a short time. A former two-star recruit coming out of Richmond, VA, Wilson was not exactly of "normal" QB size...but we ALL on Bleacher Report know that even shrimpy QBs can get it done (see: Chase Daniel, Todd Reesing, Troy Smith, etc.).

Russell Wilson's numbers are great for a redshirt freshman in the ACC (1,270 passing yards, 12 touchdowns to just one interception). Yes, he is not going to woo you with Graham Harrell-type numbers, but he is efficient, and (ESPN throws this word around way too much) he is a game manager.

On top of his passing numbers, Wilson has 234 yards rushing and three touchdowns on the season. He will be in the talk of the ACC's best quarterbacks soon.

3. Kellen Moore, QB, Boise State

OK, OK. He is the starting QB on the No. 9 ranked team in the nation, but Moore is not a household name yet. People outside of Boise, Idaho know of the Broncos' triumphs over the years (68-7 is their record from 2001-2008 so far), but all of those East Coasters and people in the Big 12 region may not be impressed with the Moore-led Broncos.

Be impressed, fellas.

Moore is having one of the best seasons a WAC freshman QB has ever had with 2,637 yards passing and 20 touchdowns. His team wins it seems like every Saturday. Even though those numbers may not seem gaudy or even good outside of the WAC, here is a stat that no fan can argue with...43 to 42.

That was the score of the 2007 Fiesta Bowl between Boise State and Oklahoma. Now I know Moore was not the QB of that team, but the same coaches and core nucleus of the team is still surrounding him. I am not saying Moore is going to make you think twice when you're voting for Heisman, but hey...he just might someday.

4. Mark Ingram, RB, Alabama

Glen Coffee seems like the Most Improved Player in the SEC, but (if there was such an award) Ingram would win Most Outstanding Freshman Running Back to Play For Nick Saban Since Justin

Anywho, Ingram is part of a three-headed running monster that contains himself, Coffee, and Roy Upchurch. You can argue that any one of the three has potential to be a good solid running back in the SEC, but Ingram has one of the most precious things in this world...time.

He is just a redshirt freshman with almost 620 yards rushing on the year. Ingram seems to impress me every week, and I am guessing he impresses you as well. In Week 10, Alabama played Arkansas State, and Mark rushed for over 100 yards and won SEC Freshman of the Week honors.

Even in the first game of the year against (now lowly) highly ranked Clemson, led by Spiller and Davis, those AA studs could not stop the emergence of what may be one of the best young backs in the country.

5. Jarrett Lee, QB, LSU

Now Lee is the best thing to happen to LSU since that Cannon guy played running back or cornerback or...whatever he played. Furthermore...

Just kidding.

5. Michael Floyd, WR, Notre Dame

Notre Dame is not having the BCS championship type of season. Hell, they were hard-pressed to get a bowl bid, period. But you cannot deny an individual's effort, like Floyd has been all year. As a true freshman, he leads the Fighting Irish in receptions and receiving touchdowns (46 receptions and seven touchdowns)

He has the luxury of not one, but two former five-star QBs in Jimmy Clausen and true freshman Dayne Crist. Floyd could blossom to be one of the nation's elite receivers. Thoughts of Heisman will creep up in the Golden Domers fans' heads, and well, they should be, in the future.

As for right now, just enjoy this talented freshman's first year. He might not be around for long.

Thanks for reading.


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