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WhatIfSports NFL Fantasy Rankings: Week 12

Jake WestrichSenior Writer INovember 19, 2008

2008 Week 12 Fantasy Rankings

BtB presents position-by-position cheat sheets
By Paul Bessire,
Nov. 18, 2008

We present our updated, weekly fantasy football projections. This thorough analysis and statistical evaluation of every player and team in the NFL is part of a broader endeavor with's Fantasy Football.

Each regular season game is simulated 10,001 times, with the sum of the averages of those games being our final predicted outcome. This allows us to account for every player and statistical interaction in an NFL game. Rosters and depth charts are up-to-date and as accurate as possible as of Tuesday morning for each week. Information on scoring and injury analysis appears at the very bottom of this article.

To view a pop-up with positional rankings, please click on one of the links below. Good luck this season!

QuarterbackRunning BackWide ReceiverTight End
KickerTeam DefenseIndividual Defense

1.Jeff GarciaQBBuccaneersLions25.4
2.Aaron RodgersQBPackersSaints21.4
3.Jason CampbellQBRedskinsSeahawks21.3
4.Tony RomoQBCowboys49ers20.6
5.Steve SlatonRBTexansBrowns20.3
6.Jay CutlerQBBroncosRaiders20.0
7.Marion BarberRBCowboys49ers19.5
8.Warrick DunnRBBuccaneersLions19.4
9.Adrian PetersonRBVikingsJaguars19.3
10.Peyton ManningQBColtsChargers18.6
11.Kyle OrtonQBBearsRams18.4
12.Kurt WarnerQBCardinalsGiants17.9
13.Clinton PortisRBRedskinsSeahawks17.5
14.Matt ForteRBBearsRams17.3
15.Trent EdwardsQBBillsChiefs16.9
16.DeAngelo WilliamsRBPanthersFalcons16.9
17.Philip RiversQBChargersColts16.5
18.Brady QuinnQBBrownsTexans16.5
19.Drew BreesQBSaintsPackers16.3
20.Chad PenningtonQBDolphinsPatriots16.3
21.Sage RosenfelsQBTexansBrowns16.2
22.Frank GoreRB49ersCowboys16.1
23.Joseph AddaiRBColtsChargers16.0
24.Larry FitzgeraldWRCardinalsGiants15.6
25.Anquan BoldinWRCardinalsGiants15.6
26.Matt CasselQBPatriotsDolphins15.5
27.Marshawn LynchRBBillsChiefs15.4
28.Roddy WhiteWRFalconsPanthers15.4
29.LaDainian TomlinsonRBChargersColts15.4
30.Greg JenningsWRPackersSaints15.3
31.Brandon JacobsRBGiantsCardinals14.9
32.Kevin SmithRBLionsBuccaneers14.9
33.Gus FrerotteQBVikingsJaguars14.7
34.Eli ManningQBGiantsCardinals14.6
35.Kerry CollinsQBTitansJets14.6
36.Larry JohnsonRBChiefsBills14.5
37.Ryan GrantRBPackersSaints14.2
38.Brandon MarshallWRBroncosRaiders14.0
39.Tyler ThigpenQBChiefsBills13.8
40.Antonio BryantWRBuccaneersLions13.8
41.Chris CooleyTERedskinsSeahawks13.8
42.Calvin JohnsonWRLionsBuccaneers13.3
43.JaMarcus RussellQBRaidersBroncos13.3
44.Bernard BerrianWRVikingsJaguars13.2
45.Steve SmithWRPanthersFalcons13.1
46.Andre JohnsonWRTexansBrowns13.0
47.Santana MossWRRedskinsSeahawks13.0
48.Jonathan StewartRBPanthersFalcons13.0
49.Jake DelhommeQBPanthersFalcons12.9
50.Ben RoethlisbergerQBSteelersBengals12.9
51.Michael TurnerRBFalconsPanthers12.9
52.Peyton HillisRBBroncosRaiders12.8
53.Matt RyanQBFalconsPanthers12.8
54.Shaun HillQB49ersCowboys12.7
55.Robbie GouldKBearsRams12.4
56.Chris JohnsonRBTitansJets12.4
57.Ted Ginn Jr.WRDolphinsPatriots12.1
58.Jerome HarrisonRBBrownsTexans12.1
59.Daunte CulpepperQBLionsBuccaneers12.1
60.Jamal LewisRBBrownsTexans12.1
61.Reggie WayneWRColtsChargers12.1
62.Wes WelkerWRPatriotsDolphins12.0
63.Marc BulgerQBRamsBears11.7
64.Terrell OwensWRCowboys49ers11.7
65.Reggie BushRBSaintsPackers11.5
66.Eddie RoyalWRBroncosRaiders11.4
67.Fred JacksonRBBillsChiefs11.4
68.Braylon EdwardsWRBrownsTexans11.3
69.Donovan McNabbQBEaglesRavens11.3
70.Ronnie BrownRBDolphinsPatriots11.2
71.Brett FavreQBJetsTitans11.2
72.David GarrardQBJaguarsVikings11.1
73.Jerramy StevensTEBuccaneersLions11.1
74.Matt HasselbeckQBSeahawksRedskins11.1
75.Carnell WilliamsRBBuccaneersLions11.1
76.Hines WardWRSteelersBengals11.0
77.Ray RiceRBRavensEagles10.9
78.Lee EvansWRBillsChiefs10.9
79.Sammy MorrisRBPatriotsDolphins10.7
80.Lance MooreWRSaintsPackers10.7
81.Justin FargasRBRaidersBroncos10.6
82.Mason CrosbyKPackersSaints10.5
83.Maurice Jones-DrewRBJaguarsVikings10.5
84.Thomas JonesRBJetsTitans10.5
85.Marques ColstonWRSaintsPackers10.3
86.Donnie AveryWRRamsBears10.3
87.Greg CamarilloWRDolphinsPatriots10.3
88.Julius JonesRBSeahawksRedskins10.3
89.Joe FlaccoQBRavensEagles10.2
90.Jason WittenTECowboys49ers10.2
91.Justin GageWRTitansJets10.1
92.Willie ParkerRBSteelersBengals10.1
93.John KasayKPanthersFalcons10.1
94.Donald DriverWRPackersSaints10.1
95.Rob BironasKTitansJets10.0
96.Brian WestbrookRBEaglesRavens9.9
97.Ricky WilliamsRBDolphinsPatriots9.9
98.Nate KaedingKChargersColts9.8
99.Torry HoltWRRamsBears9.7
100.P.J. PopeRBBroncosRaiders9.6
101.DeSean JacksonWREaglesRavens9.6
102.Ryan FitzpatrickQBBengalsSteelers9.4
103.SteelersDEF Bengals9.3
104.T.J. HoushmandzadehWRBengalsSteelers9.2
105.Vincent JacksonWRChargersColts9.0
106.Matt BryantKBuccaneersLions9.0
107.Adam VinatieriKColtsChargers9.0
108.Dwayne BoweWRChiefsBills8.9
109.Neil RackersKCardinalsGiants8.9
110.Kevin WalterWRTexansBrowns8.8
111.Nick FolkKCowboys49ers8.8
112.Shaun SuishamKRedskinsSeahawks8.7
113.Chester TaylorRBVikingsJaguars8.7
114.Derrick WardRBGiantsCardinals8.6
115.Muhsin MuhammadWRPanthersFalcons8.6
116.Lawrence TynesKGiantsCardinals8.6
117.Derrick MasonWRRavensEagles8.4
118.Antonio PittmanRBRamsBears8.4
119.Kris BrownKTexansBrowns8.3
120.Ryan LongwellKVikingsJaguars8.3
121.Kellen WinslowTEBrownsTexans8.3
122.Bobby WadeWRVikingsJaguars8.2
123.Zach MillerTERaidersBroncos8.2
124.Plaxico BurressWRGiantsCardinals8.2
125.Matt PraterKBroncosRaiders8.1
126.Donald LeeTEPackersSaints8.1
127.Isaac BruceWR49ersCowboys8.1
128.Jay FeelyKJetsTitans8.0
129.Rian LindellKBillsChiefs7.9
130.J.J. ArringtonRBCardinalsGiants7.9
131.Cedric BensonRBBengalsSteelers7.9
132.Randy MossWRPatriotsDolphins7.8
133.Ronald CurryWRRaidersBroncos7.8
134.Jerricho CotcheryWRJetsTitans7.7
135.Jeff ReedKSteelersBengals7.7
136.Jerious NorwoodRBFalconsPanthers7.7
137.Phil DawsonKBrownsTexans7.6
138.Garrett HartleyKSaintsPackers7.6
139.Rashied DavisWRBearsRams7.6
140.Ahman GreenRBTexansBrowns7.6
141.Pierre ThomasRBSaintsPackers7.5
142.Brandon LloydWRBearsRams7.4
143.Dan CarpenterKDolphinsPatriots7.3
144.Mark BradleyWRChiefsBills7.3
145.Antonio GatesTEChargersColts7.3
146.Bo ScaifeTETitansJets7.3
147.BuccaneersDEF Lions7.3
148.Stephen GostkowskiKPatriotsDolphins7.2
149.Josh ReedWRBillsChiefs7.2
150.Jason ElamKFalconsPanthers7.1
151.Sebastian JanikowskiKRaidersBroncos7.1
152.Brandon JonesWRTitansJets7.0
153.Dustin KellerTEJetsTitans7.0
154.David AkersKEaglesRavens7.0
155.Michael JenkinsWRFalconsPanthers7.0
156.Josh ScobeeKJaguarsVikings6.9
157.Kevin CurtisWREaglesRavens6.9
158.BearsDEF Rams6.9
159.Marvin HarrisonWRColtsChargers6.9
160.Santonio HolmesWRSteelersBengals6.9
161.CowboysDEF 49ers6.8
162.Chris ChambersWRChargersColts6.8
163.Roy WilliamsWRCowboys49ers6.8
164.Tatum BellRBBroncosRaiders6.8
165.Laveranues ColesWRJetsTitans6.8
166.Michael ClaytonWRBuccaneersLions6.7
167.Matt StoverKRavensEagles6.7
168.Koren RobinsonWRSeahawksRedskins6.6
169.Jason HansonKLionsBuccaneers6.5
170.Antwaan Randle ElWRRedskinsSeahawks6.4
171.LenDale WhiteRBTitansJets6.4
172.Tony GonzalezTEChiefsBills6.4
173.Shayne GrahamKBengalsSteelers6.4
174.TitansDEF Jets6.2
175.Tim HightowerRBCardinalsGiants6.2
176.Anthony GonzalezWRColtsChargers6.1
177.Amani ToomerWRGiantsCardinals6.1
178.Josh BrownKRamsBears6.0
179.Olindo MareKSeahawksRedskins6.0
180.EaglesDEF Ravens5.9
181.Owen DanielsTETexansBrowns5.9
182.Le'Ron McClainRBRavensEagles5.9
183.Jason HillWR49ersCowboys5.9
184.Kevin BossTEGiantsCardinals5.8
185.Dallas ClarkTEColtsChargers5.8
186.Bobby EngramWRSeahawksRedskins5.8
187.RavensDEF Eagles5.7
188.RedskinsDEF Seahawks5.7
189.Connor BarthKChiefsBills5.7
190.Fred TaylorRBJaguarsVikings5.7
191.Joe NedneyK49ersCowboys5.7
192.BenJarvus Green-EllisRBPatriotsDolphins5.7
193.Nate WashingtonWRSteelersBengals5.5
194.Mewelde MooreRBSteelersBengals5.5
195.Darren McFaddenRBRaidersBroncos5.4
196.GiantsDEF Cardinals5.4
197.Bryant JohnsonWR49ersCowboys5.4
198.Desmond ClarkTEBearsRams5.2
199.VikingsDEF Jaguars5.2
200.DolphinsDEF Patriots5.2


* The individual players and defensive teams below are ranked based entirely on projected full-season fantasy points using the FOX Fantasy Football Default Scoring where for QBs, RBs, WRs and TE, all TDs are six points, each 25 yards passing are one point, interceptions are minus two points, fumbles lost are minus two points, each 10 yards receiving are one point and two-point conversions are two points.

For kickers, all extra points are one point and all field goals are at least three points, with an extra bonus point for field goals made over 40 yards and another bonus point for field goals made over 50 yards.

Individual defensive players (linked to below, but not included in overall rankings) earn one point for each solo tackle, one point for each sack, two points for each interception, and six points for each touchdown.

Team defenses include special teams and are treated similarly for sacks, interceptions and touchdown returns, while a more complex system, based on the outcome of each individual game, is utilized for points allowed per game.

Please note: These overall fantasy rankings are strictly based on total points earned for the season. They do not account for position scarcity, number of owners drafting and their drafting styles, roster restrictions, custom league scoring rules or other items that should be considered while drafting.

Injuries are accounted for based on a player's past history and the likelihood of missing games due to injury. This is reflected in his games played (GP) value.

However, unless the injury is already known and takes place at the beginning of the season, the players are arbitrarily injured throughout the season (as opposed to just at the end or beginning of the year).

Players with less than 16 GP will likely vary the most from their projected numbers because they are injury-prone or have depth chart and playing time concerns.

Paul Bessire is the Senior Quantitative Analyst and Content Manager for and a member of the Pro Football Writers of America. With any comments, questions or topic suggestions, Paul can be reached at Thanks!

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