WWE: 10 Superstars More Worthy of the WWE Title Than Alberto Del Rio

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WWE: 10 Superstars More Worthy of the WWE Title Than Alberto Del Rio

Hello all, my name is Joe Burgett and I have a problem.

My problem mainly is that Alberto Del Rio is freakin' boring as WWE Champion.

Here is my main beef when it comes to WWE and Del Rio. Now, I like Del Rio and I love his skills as a whole. It works for him well and he is a legit veteran in this business. I am happy for him but a bit upset in his setup to holding the WWE Title.

Okay, so he wins the WWE Royal Rumble match. It's the biggest in WWE History! It had over 40 Superstars and a Diva was thrown into that just for giggles. Take that Chyna!

In any case, he wins the Rumble and challenges Edge for the World Heavyweight Title. The man is set up for greatness and it seems as if we are in the age of Del Rio. Then, he is in the first match of the night for the title. This shocked even casual observers.

The Rumble winner always gets a main event or co-main event match. Yet his is the open?

It was very weird and people were up in arms about it. Then, to add salt to the wound, he loses. Turns out this was a good thing later, after finding out that Edge was forced to retire. But in the long run, despite this being the last match Edge was in, it killed Del Rio.

WWE then wanted him on RAW, which forced him to lose the World Title match to Christian. From then on, it was mid-card or bust for Del Rio.

All the sudden he wins the MITB match and we thought, okay, this will get interesting down the line. But WWE would never interrupt anything big for Del Rio, right? WRONG!

CM Punk and John Cena had one heck of a rivalry. Add in Triple H and Kevin Nash and things just kept getting interesting. But, issue is that Del Rio is now going against Cena. This coming off of one of the more exciting storylines. It kills off anything big Del Rio could do because Punk set the bar too high.

Add in that Del Rio has been away from shows for weeks due to Visa issues and we have a big issue that needs to be dealt with.

Del Rio so far is very boring as WWE Champion and no one seemed excited when Del Rio won the title. It seemed whenever a person cashed in, people got excited. But after he cashed in, no one was talking about the future of Del Rio, but that the storyline with Punk and Cena ended too early.

It's a sad, but true fact we all must understand.

Everything Del Rio has done seemed really third wheelish. And anyone who were to come in next would make a much better opponent.

But who would that be?

Who's going to be next after Del Rio and who really is more worthy to hold the title?

I have put together a list of 10 WWE Superstars who could be much better right now as WWE Champion.

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