WWE: 10 Superstars More Worthy of the WWE Title Than Alberto Del Rio

Joe Burgett @JoEburGett_WESenior Writer IIISeptember 5, 2011

WWE: 10 Superstars More Worthy of the WWE Title Than Alberto Del Rio

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    Hello all, my name is Joe Burgett and I have a problem.

    My problem mainly is that Alberto Del Rio is freakin' boring as WWE Champion.

    Here is my main beef when it comes to WWE and Del Rio. Now, I like Del Rio and I love his skills as a whole. It works for him well and he is a legit veteran in this business. I am happy for him but a bit upset in his setup to holding the WWE Title.

    Okay, so he wins the WWE Royal Rumble match. It's the biggest in WWE History! It had over 40 Superstars and a Diva was thrown into that just for giggles. Take that Chyna!

    In any case, he wins the Rumble and challenges Edge for the World Heavyweight Title. The man is set up for greatness and it seems as if we are in the age of Del Rio. Then, he is in the first match of the night for the title. This shocked even casual observers.

    The Rumble winner always gets a main event or co-main event match. Yet his is the open?

    It was very weird and people were up in arms about it. Then, to add salt to the wound, he loses. Turns out this was a good thing later, after finding out that Edge was forced to retire. But in the long run, despite this being the last match Edge was in, it killed Del Rio.

    WWE then wanted him on RAW, which forced him to lose the World Title match to Christian. From then on, it was mid-card or bust for Del Rio.

    All the sudden he wins the MITB match and we thought, okay, this will get interesting down the line. But WWE would never interrupt anything big for Del Rio, right? WRONG!

    CM Punk and John Cena had one heck of a rivalry. Add in Triple H and Kevin Nash and things just kept getting interesting. But, issue is that Del Rio is now going against Cena. This coming off of one of the more exciting storylines. It kills off anything big Del Rio could do because Punk set the bar too high.

    Add in that Del Rio has been away from shows for weeks due to Visa issues and we have a big issue that needs to be dealt with.

    Del Rio so far is very boring as WWE Champion and no one seemed excited when Del Rio won the title. It seemed whenever a person cashed in, people got excited. But after he cashed in, no one was talking about the future of Del Rio, but that the storyline with Punk and Cena ended too early.

    It's a sad, but true fact we all must understand.

    Everything Del Rio has done seemed really third wheelish. And anyone who were to come in next would make a much better opponent.

    But who would that be?

    Who's going to be next after Del Rio and who really is more worthy to hold the title?

    I have put together a list of 10 WWE Superstars who could be much better right now as WWE Champion.

#10 John Cena

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    I think most people will say with this one, why Joe, why?

    My answer to that is that while Cena has held the WWE Title so many times, at least we know he can be capable of giving us something good to watch on TV if nothing else. You can't get bored too much during a Cena promo.

    His matches aren't always spectacular, but they can be good with the right people. So why not give the title back to Cena? WWE realized that they had to use Cena in the match with Del Rio just so people would buy the PPV. So, why not axe out Del Rio and put another guy in place while the title is on The Champ?

#9 R-Truth

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    Not many are more deserving after such a long career than Ron Killings. Known as R-Truth to the WWE Universe, he has made strides to improve over the last few years. WWE even gave him a small opportunity to hold the US Title.

    They then wanted to see what he could do as a heel and he really hasn't let too many down. He has been interesting if nothing else.

    The insanity he could bring as WWE Champion would be interesting because you never know how far he would go to keep it. He was willing to do a ton to just win it, imagine what he would do in order to hold onto it?

    I think Truth would be compelling as WWE Champ. Why not try it?

#8 Rey Mysterio

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    Rey Rey may be out of action for a while, but if you've got to have a Mexican in the main event, I think Mysterio is the best person for the job. He is a proven draw and is at least interesting as WWE Champion.

    He brings excitement, and it seems fans of all ages love what Mysterio brings to the table. I am more than open to the idea of Mysterio holding the title again. I'd take an interesting Rey Rey over a boring guy any day!

#7 Dolph Ziggler

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    He is a former World Heavyweight, IC, and US Champion. Very few people ever accomplish what he has and that is something to commend him over. I for one am a big Ziggler fan because I know the guy can produce.

    He proved against Randy Orton last week, that he can hang with the top talent in WWE and put on wonderful matches for fans.

    He is a great character who is a throw back to guys like Rick Rude who always had you interested in what was coming next.

    This man is worthy of holding a WWE Title, and has proven he'll do whatever it takes to be in WWE. I give you the Spirit Squad!

    Right now, if we have to give the title to a young guy and build our future around him, the best overall talent to do that with who has never held the gold has to be Dolph Ziggler

#6 John Morrison

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    I think most would agree that a WWE Title run is overdo for this man. He has been hanging around in the main event scene for years now and has flirted with getting the title on a number of occasions.

    Many feel that since Melina is now out of WWE, most of the locker room can be behind Morrison which may end up getting him a title opportunity, and win.

    We've seen him in title matches before about 20 times, and he has never won. I think if he were to never hold the title, it would be a travesty, as he is a talent that you can't waste while young. Morrison only has so long with his style, so within the next 5 years if he never gets the title, he won't ever manage to hold it.

    If there is anyone worthy enough to hold their first World Title in WWE, it would be Morrison.

    He has the wrestling ability, and if there is so much concern over mic work, just give him a manager who can talk like what has been done with so many before him.

#5 The Miz

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    The Miz has been very vocal as of late due to the real life mistreatment of he and other Superstars. WWE realized that he was a very good talent and they didn't want to waste him, so they gave him a storyline to challenge conspiracy, which is a perfect idea to me.

    Miz was actually a very good WWE Champion and held the title longer than any other WWE Champ in the last 2 years. He even beat John Cena at Wrestlemania. So, if there is anyone who I'd give the title to and be secure in knowing what would happen with it, it would be Miz.

    Very few are more worthy than this guy, especially given the impressive run he had with it

#4 Triple H

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    The boss always ends up getting his hands dirty at the end of the day, and the new COO, Triple H is by no means immune to this. If things get out of hand, I'm sure Trips would be more than happy to remove the title from anyone holding it to get it for himself and add more prestige to it and his own career.

    Really, he is worthy of holding it, being a 13-time World Champion. I for one feel that he would be interesting as Champion while COO. The storylines and matches would be pretty good if he is involved. Why not, WWE?

#3 Undertaker

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    I know what you're saying—but Undertaker is a SmackDown Superstar, he couldn't win the WWE Title. But oh how this is untrue.

    Triple H made it to where the SmackDown stars could come on RAW for a SuperShow, which means that stars from SmackDown could easily take RAW titles. This means that Undertaker could be more than welcome to come in and take the title.

    Taker is a guy who may not be around for too much longer and if there is a time to use him, it would be now. This might be the last year for The Phenom. So, that precious time needs to be used well.

    He is obviously worthy of holding the WWE Title, I don't think many could argue that.

    Fun fact, Taker has never held the new look WWE Championship. The last time he held the WWE Title was when he was converted from the Undisputed Title to SmackDown's WWE Championship. So, I think I'd like to see the bling around The Deadman's waist

#2 Wade Barrett

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    The English Killer has been in WWE for about 3 years total now. He came in last year and had one heck of a run. He won NXT and then came up with all of the NXT rookies and made life hell for the RAW Superstars.

    The Nexus as they came to be called did terrific and were one group that could go down in history as one of the top factions because of how good they were. It was also unique too. There has never been a group started with only rookies in WWE history. Barrett led this group and looked to be headed for stardom.

    It was fun to see and something that got so many over. People really got behind Barrett and wanted to see him do well. The issue is that he has been misused a lot since his split from The Corre. Many expected to see him main eventing by now after he did so well the last year.

    But, the problem has been that WWE just doesn't know the proper way to throw him into the mix seemingly.

    Because RAW is allowing SD! stars, obviously Barrett could come back on the show and make waves on the show that he did so well on before. It was not a mistake to move him to SmackDown, but it was a mistake to misuse him there.

    Barrett is worthy enough to hold the WWE Title, so why not give him an opportunity?

#1 CM Punk

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    Very few are more worthy to hold the title than CM Punk in most people's minds. In mine, there is no one more worthy.

    I felt that Punk made so many waves as WWE Champion that he really helped get the company over, not just himself. I don't think many have been able to do that. Right now, you could put Punk at the level of Stone Cold and The Rock for how well he has done and how much excitement he has brought back to WWE.

    I think the perfect reward for that is the WWE Title. He held it for a short time before losing it, and never really got his rematch. So, I think he deserves that if nothing else.

    Punk to me is a guy who is so good right now that you have to ride his horse until it dies. If not, you may be missing something big. He is the main event, and everything he does is the focus. That only takes away from the title holder unless they are involved with him.

    So, obviously if you want to keep the title as the main focus, Punk needs to be the guy who holds it.

Thanks for Reading

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    This was my top 10 list. But I wanna know yours. Leave me 10 guys you think are more worthy to hold the WWE Title than Alberto Del Rio.

    Maybe I missed the guy you thought deserved a nod. Tell me who he is and why!