Is a Playoff in College Football the Answer?

Christopher WilliamsCorrespondent INovember 19, 2008

Although a playoff system in college football sounds like a good idea, there are changes that need to be made before a playoff system can be adopted.

There are 119 Division 1A schools in college football that have the potential to become bowl eligible before each season. There are 34 bowls, so 68 teams will get invited to a bowl game. This means that more than half of all teams in Division 1A will play a post season game. Of the 68 teams playing a post season game, 10 teams will play in a BCS bowl game.

If a playoff system is implemented, what will this do to the bowl games? Will each playoff game be a separate bowl game? How will this affect money distribution? Will it eliminate controversy? Or will teams that just missed the playoffs still complain about the system?

The goal is to let the best teams in college football decide on the field who is the best.

If Utah is playoff eligible, can you think of a few teams who are better than Utah that will not be in the playoffs? Between the SEC and Big 12, I am sure there are several teams who would be able to make the argument that they are as good or better than Utah.

Will the ACC and Big East have the upper hand over teams that are not in a BCS Conference? You can make the argument that Boise State is better than any team in the Big East.

Before there can be a playoff system, the NCAA has to create another division. In other words, 119 teams need to be cut down to 60 teams and the other teams will split off into another division.

Also, there is going to have to be some type of schedule requirements that will prevent teams from playing so called “rent a win” teams. Strength of schedule will have to be a factor because it is the only argument that can be made as to why a team gets in over another team.

So do you think a playoff system is a cure-all answer? You also have to keep in mind that we are talking about college students and not pros. I think a four-team playoff could work that would be decided by the current BCS system, but anymore than four teams is just not realistic.

One solution could be to take away a regular season game, but then you are taking away profit from schools.

In reality, does anyone really think a playoff system will work? Seriously, think about the big picture. Tell me if you really think a playoff in College Football system would really work. What will need to be done in order to make a playoff system happen?

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