The Opposite of Easy Street: No Fun to Be Had in Washington

Jennifer JohnsonAnalyst IApril 10, 2017


Coach Eddie Jordan believes his team has lost even before the ball is tipped. 

Listen to the evidence after last night’s defeat against Dwayne Wade and company, and determine for yourself where the Wizards go from here.

“This team is built for Gilbert Arenas to lead us; this team is built for our All-Star forwards to do certain offensive things, and for Brendan Haywood to have a career year manning the middle for us.” Jordan said.

Stop right there Every Day Eddie.

Brendan Haywood, throughout his career, has been nothing more than a waste of space. 

A guy his height (7ft.) should be dunking or posting up his opponents every game to warrant the contract and respect the Wizards have shown him over the years.

He’s a lot like the Clapper. That infomercial product from the early ‘90s that allowed you to turn lights on and off by clapping your hands.

It’s one game on and one game off for Dr. Jekyll.  

One night he’ll finish with 21 points and 10 rebounds for a solid double-double, and then the next night he’ll be in early foul trouble, and never be a factor.   

My loyalty to the Wizards/Bullets has waned since entering adulthood, but their lack of a consistent presence from the five slot, has been a catalyst for their defensive problems—and it isn’t a new trend. 
Back in the day, the Wizards started Charles Jones at center. 

And although he averaged between eight and 10 points a game, he was in the paint earning his paycheck as a true defensive Wizard (Pun intended).

To pin his team’s hopes on the shoulders of Haywood’s lightweight performances is a sign of a defeated man. 

Not that I don’t sympathize with him. 

He has to face the media after each loss, and bear the brunt of the criticism—while inside he must screaming, “No mas.”

Haywood, Gilbert Arenas, and Antonio Daniels—three-fifths of the Wizards starting line-up—are all on the shelf.

Daniels is not out indefinitely like the other two, but he is still an important skilled position player that the Wizards are going to have to compete without for a while.

Starting point guard by default, Juan Dixon, is putting in a quality effort.

It’s just not good enough to compensate for the loss of Agent Zero.

Caron Butler and Antawn Jamison combined for 46 points at the phone booth, slashing through screens, and fighting the inevitable fatigue. What else is new?

Those two are going to be logging some serious minutes, and the potential for them to get hurt will only increase.

Wizards fans know Butler’s injury history. 

There’s not a year in which he doesn’t pull a muscle in his shoulder or bust up his knee.  

It’s only a matter of time when he goes down, and where will they be then?

Eddie Jordan is not Houdini. 

He can’t be expected to perform miracles, but he shouldn’t project an atmosphere of despair to his players or he will be out the door.

Chin up men.

You learn more from losing more than you do winning. 

So take lots of notes. 


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