Syracuse Community Worried Over the State of the Basketball Program

Jameson FlemingSenior Writer INovember 19, 2008

SYRACUSE— With the firing of football Head Coach Greg Robinson, the focus on the SU hill has shifted towards the much anticipated basketball season. But early on, Orange fans are worried.

Not because of Eric Devendorf's potential run-in with the law after he supposedly punched a woman in the face on Halloween, or because the Orange needed a second-half splurge to beat an average Richmond team.

But because the 'Cuse's RPI stands at 241.

Fans are deeply worried over the much scrutinized statistic that is an important factor in deciding the fate of teams looking for an at-large bid. Two straight years the Orange wasn't able to string together enough victories in the non-conference schedule to boost its RPI high enough to secure an at-large bid.

And that was with an RPI over 50 and 56 the past two years, not 241.

"This is truly a step back for the program," says Camillus native Jorge de la Rosa, "241 is a disgrace. If you are going to be ranked that low at least be no. 244 to represent the program's traditional number [44]."

The prestige and legacy of the program without a doubt takes a hit when taking a look at who SU trails in the RPI standings. The 'Cuse sits several spots behind 0-2 Southwestern Athletic Conference bottom-dweller Arkansas-Pine Bluff, a team that won just one game five years ago.

Winless Kentucky also ranks above the Orange, despite losing to Big South foe VMI and national powerhouse UNC.

Even the team with the longest losing streak in America, the New Jersey Institute of Technology is more than 20 spots ahead of Syracuse.

"My high school team could beat N.J.I.T," says Ronnie Burger, a local high school student from Jamesville-Dewitt, "How can Jim Boeheim let his team get this bad?"

The Orange has a chance to improve its RPI with games against Florida, Memphis, and the Big East schedule ahead, but things still look bleak.

"One loss against a Cleveland State or Cal-State Long Beach and this team will drop out of the top 300 in RPI," explains 1938 alum Bryon Trapini of Skaneateles, NY, "This team needs to go back to the days of the two-hand chest pass and 12-foot set shots."

The 'Cuse can take solace in the fact that winless Louisville ranks 338th in the RPI and oh yeah it's the first week of the season.


This story is completely fake. All quotes are fake. I reserve the right to call any commenters questioning the validity of this story morons.