A Playoff Would Make the Regular Season Better, Not Worse

Scott Taylor@@Taylor_SportsCorrespondent INovember 19, 2008

One of the reasons why those pro-BCS people don’t want a playoff is because they say it would make the regular season less important.

In other words,  every game now counts, and, otherwise, the need to win every game is less important if there is a playoff.

This year, I have found this to be a totally untrue statement.

I have lost a lot of interest in college football this year because of a lack of big games, along with my teams (Missouri, Tennessee) out of the national championship picture.

However, this would be totally different with a playoff.

If there were a 10-team playoff (which I have suggested for years), then Missouri would still be alive, especially with the Big 12 Championship game looming.

That would also set up for some big games down the stretch, such as Georgia and Georgia Tech, Pittsburgh and Cincinnati, and the ACC Championship Game.

Instead, most people don’t care about these games.

Georgia would have to win the game to possibly make the playoffs.

Instead, as a non-conference game to end the season, people outside of the state of Georgia don’t care who wins.

The Michigan State at Penn State game may decide who goes to the Rose Bowl. Who cares?

Now, if it decided who was going to be in the playoff, now you have some dramatics.

I know that conference title mean a lot, but it is all about winning the national title, and, right now, there are only a few teams who could win it.

Imagine the Utah at BYU winner getting into the playoffs rather than just making a BCS game.

The games the last few weeks are so bland because most teams are only playing for a bowl game.

What if the Bedlam game between Oklahoma and Oklahoma State was to get into the playoffs, with the loser going to a regular bowl game? Now that adds to a rivalry.

As it is, the game may be big for Oklahoma if it beats Texas Tech, but as much as OSU will want to keep OU from a title, the win won’t get it back in the title hunt.

Then there was the LSU game last week. A great comeback and it means nothing. Now, with a playoff, that win keeps hope alive for a possible playoff push.

LSU plays Ole Miss on CBS this week. What is the point of watching the game now? I don’t care if the Rebels make a bowl game. Chances are I won’t be watching it anyway.

The high amount of bowls and an added game against a cupcake team have made getting bowl eligible a complete joke.

Then there is Florida State at Maryland, a big game in the ACC.

Rather than just playing to get to the conference championship game and a BCS bid, they would be playing for a potential playoff spot.

I don’t know about you, but that peeks my interest quite a bit.

I am a big fan of those mid-major conference championship games in basketball because the game means so much, even though the winner will likely lose.

It is about the excitement.

I know there is an opposite point to me story, namely the Oklahoma vs. Texas Tech and Florida vs. Alabama games.

Right now, the first game is huge, as was the previous two games for Tech.

But, in a playoff, both teams likely wouldn’t make it anyway with Texas there too, so the game would be just about as big.

Chances are both Alabama and Florida would both make it into the playoff no matter who loses the SEC Championship Game, so the dramatics of that game wouldn’t be as high.

However, if the winner got the home-field advantage, while the loser had to go on the road and didn’t get a bye week, then it is still a pretty big game.

Also, if one of the teams were to lose to their rivals a week before the game, the game would again be huge for both if fighting for a playoff berth.

I am just not seeing how the college game would be ruined by the playoff system and the regular season would be “meaningless.”

Right now, for many fans, the regular season is meaningless to 114 out of the 120 Bowl Subdivision teams.

If there were a playoff, you could add at least 10 more teams to that list, but a higher amount of teams trying to ruin a rival’s season.

Who would want that though?

Lets put all our eggs in one basket so there is one big game a week and 50 games that mean next to nothing.


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