Paul Heyman Reveals The Secrets Of UFC Champ Brock Lesnar's Success

Tim ListAnalyst INovember 19, 2008

Former ECW "Extreme" owner and WWE Creative Team Key Member Paul Heyman has posted an exclusive blog on the The UK Sun regarding the secret of UFC World Heavyweight Champion Brock Lesnar's success in the Octagon.

Heyman's blog appears as part of the "The Heyman Hustle" series in the Sun.

Heyman, who worked with Lesnar in World Wrestling Entertainment as Lesnar's on-air "Agent" and then as his arch-nemesis during Lesnar's short but spectacular tenure in WWE, also reveals that he was scheduled to be not Lesnar's mouthpiece, but actually the on-air "Agent"  for Chris Benoit!
Heyman also reveals that WWE Chairman Vince McMahon hated the nickname "The Next Big Thing" for Lesnar. 
Key Excerpt: 

There he was. Brock Lesnar.

Jeeeesh, he was just so big, so massive, so huge. And he moved like a cat. There's no way a man that size should be able to move so quickly and with such agility.

The man who would one day become the first individual to win both the WWE and UFC world heavyweight championships was working out his non-televised match with Funaki.

He was also getting some really bad advice from veterans who were obviously threatened by what Lesnar could potentially bring to the table.

"Nikita Koloff got over just being big," one old school NWA vet told Lesnar. "Be more like Goldberg," another person suggested. "Someone your size shouldn't move too much. Look at tapes of Sid when he first started," advised a third.

Some of the bad advice was clearly intentional. Some of it was based on the fact a lot of people have a hard time accepting change.

Tazz pulled Lesnar aside and advised him to talk with me. Lesnar listened intently, thanked me profusely, and said: "You know, I'm very coachable."

Truer words were never spoken.

Brock Lesnar's greatest strength is not physical.

It's a great athlete's mentality and acceptance of instruction. Brock understands that no man can simply use his size and strength and bull-headedly (is that a word?) take over a sport.

The amazing physical gifts that Lesnar possesses need to be channelled, directed, produced, refined, and implemented in a smart game plan.

Does anyone believe Muhammed Ali would have achieved his success without Angelo Dundee or Bundini Brown?

Would Mike Tyson have made it out of his teenage years without Cus D'Amato? And what happened to Tyson without D'Amato's guidance?

How great would legendary teams have been without Vince Lombardi, or Pat Riley, or Billy Martin, or Mike Ditka, or Al Arbour?

Brock Lesnar brings the tools, but the trainers and advisors on the best team in UFC that comprise "Team Lesnar", and Brock's willingness to listen to their sage wisdom, is what led Brock to his victory over Randy Couture for the UFC title on Saturday night.  

Here is the link to read the excellent blog in its entirety: