Are the New Orleans Saints Preparing for Deuce McAllister's Suspension?

Keith NullContributor INovember 19, 2008

Running back Deuce McAllister met with league officials yesterday in New York in an effort to appeal a possible four-game suspension.

McAllister, as well as fellow teammates Will Smith and Charles Grant, tested positive for Bumetanide. Bumentanide is a diueretic considered a masking agent for steroids by the league and was ingested unknowingly by the players through water pills called Star Caps.

The maker of Star Caps have since pulled the product from the shelf. Currently, they have a few civil suits pending from players who took the pills on the assumption they contained no substances banned by the NFL. The ingredient list of Star Caps did not include Bumetanide as an ingredient, therein lies the problem.

Rumors have been swirling about the impending suspensions of McAllister and the other Saints players. The common assumption is that the league will suspend all the players involved.

The NFL's substance abuse policy is clear, players are responsible for what they put into their bodies and are strongly encouraged to contact the league with any questions regarding any substance.

In fact the NFL has a hotline for players to call for this very reason, which is widely known and used throughout the league.

The NFL has not yet released information as to whether the players will be suspended, but a decision is not expected to be made immediately.

New Orleans has made some interesting roster moves over the last few days that could be an indication of what they expect to happen to McAllister.

Running back Aaron Stecker was placed on injured reserve Tuesday. Stecker had been battling a hamstring injury dating back to training camp. He has been a relative non factor this season and the Saints finally made the move to free up the roster spot.

New Orleans quickly moved to fill the spot by signing free agent running back Mike Bell. Bell was signed as a undrafted free agent out of Arizona by the Denver Broncos in 2006.

Bell had a promising rookie season that year by totaling 677 yards and eight touchdowns. Bell was eventually buried on the depth chart and released. He then signed with the Texans, but was released during training camp due to a groin injury.

These moves may be in anticipation of things to come, but only time will tell what the league decides to do with McAllister and the other players involved. In the meantime expect Saints fans to keep their fingers crossed in hopes of a good outcome. This team or it fans cannot survive another critical loss this season.