WWE: The Anonymous Raw GM and His Identity (Identities?)

Jacob ForresterCorrespondent ISeptember 4, 2011

One of the biggest storylines of the last year was the Anonymous Raw GM. The person who contacted Michael Cole through an annoying laptop BING and ruled Raw with a confusing fist. But now, with HHH running the show, we will never have to see him again.

Yet every week on Raw, if you look for it, you will find the podium set up, ready for use but never used. Why is that?

Because the Raw GM is still lurking in the shadows.

Many people will groan at the thought of it, but you should be happy, because it will make the biggest storyline of the year bigger. That's right, I'm talking about the CM Punk- Kevin Nash- HHH- McMahon feud we are currently seeing. And why is that?

The Raw GM is the Board of Directors.

It makes sense in retrospect, right? When a Raw GM came to be needed after the failures of Bret Hart, the Board and Mr. McMahon decided it would be for the best for the Board to take over duties on the flagship show. And it kind of was.

This also explains why he was so inconsistent in his rulings. If it was a group of people, attitudes would change over time, which explains the odd rulings on matters.

They are also looking at the survival of the WWE as a product, so they could also be making things interesting by being unpredictable. They eventually began to love the power, and loved knowing they ruled.

But then came the night of July 4, 2011, the week after CM Punk's epic promo. They tried to deal with it in house, by suspending him, but McMahon got involved. He began to try and deal with the situation, and made it spiral out of control.

Eventually, CM Punk won the belt and left the company, all because of the incompetence of Mr. McMahon. He had taken their power away, and screwed up. So they decided to get revenge.

So on July 18, they called HHH, the heir apparent to the WWE throne, and decided that he would take over in place of his father-in-law. They figured he would be easy to manipulate, and they have done so. They brought back a friend of his to make things interesting, and everything was going according to plan.

Except... except HHH wouldn't let Punk and Nash fight. This irritated them, so they brought back their old friend, the podium. So they still have control, if the need arises.

Everything makes sense now, doesn't it? Why everything happened as it did? While there is no chance that was the original intent of the Anonymous Raw GM, that is what came to be. The only answer that works. And remember, they are still waiting.

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