Will Muschamp Supposedly Not an Option For New Tennessee Football Coach

Dusty FloydCorrespondent INovember 19, 2008

The University of Texas has recently announced that their defensive coordinator, Will Muschamp, will be the successor of head coach Mack Brown once he retires.

Mack Brown, 57, has said he has no intention of leaving anytime soon as he has eight years remaining on his contract and hinted that he'd like to make a national title run before he leaves.

Will Muschamp is supposed to get his salary boosted to $900,000 come January. I'm sure that the University of Tennessee can offer a lot more than that. Muschamp seems to be staying at Texas for a while, but just ask Nick Saban, money can change minds pretty quickly.

Will Muschamp, 37, played safety at Georgia and was the defensive coordinator at Auburn before coming to Texas which gave people the idea that he might be the next head coach at Tennessee or maybe even back at Auburn.

I just love how intense he gets on the field, before becoming a head coach, he may want to cool down a little bit, but that's just his style.

If you decide to try to jump the snap, but end up jumping it too early and causing your defense five yards on an offsides call, he'll be in your face the second you come off of the field.

His ways have caused a lot of chatter, but that style could be what the Tennessee players need. Phillip Fulmer has always been the laid back kind of coach. He's been known to get his team pumped up during halftime, but Tennessee has played flat all year.

Texas was probably smart to offer him this position as the future head coach of Texas, because if it came too late, he may easily ended up at another school.

Will Muschamp has helped the Longhorns to a record of 113-26 in a career that's lasted over 10 years now. He's also led Texas to three Big 12 championship appearances, and a Big 12 title and national title back in 2005.

This announcment isn't expected to disrupt the coaching staff, who are preparing for their next game against Texas A&M.

"Will is the hot guy and they understand that," Brown said. "This is not an immediate issue. It just means he's staying and not leaving. You all [the media] are more excited about it than anybody else. We're all going back to work. At some point way in the future it will become a factor."