Thoughts on Past Month of WWE: What's the Deal with the Supershows?

Iqbal SirajContributor IISeptember 3, 2011

So Triple H becomes COO of WWE as Vince is "fired". We are constantly seeing John Laurinaitis showing up on WWE. CM Punk goes from saying things from his mind to just the CM Punk we usually see (not that it is a bad thing).

John Cena is again in the main event picture, Daniel Bryan goes on a losing streak after his Money in the Bank win, Sin Cara goes from being a major signing to being suspended to being played by another wrestler to becoming "heel", Kevin Nash is back, Jim Ross gets hired back and gets bullied as usual by the backroom staff and WWE announce that the brand split is over.

What a month for WWE. We also see the return of some taboo words such as "ass", "b*tch*, wrestling, Paul Heyman and Brock Lesnar mentioned on TV. Not to mention CM Punk's unedited promo, and having actual good wrestling matches (see Randy Orton vs Christian, CM Punk vs Cena etc.). WWE is finally starting to put pieces together and giving us some good shows. Here is a rundown of recent events.

Kevin Nash/Triple H vs CM Punk Saga

 So Kevin Nash randomly pops up during the Cena vs CM Punk match and powerbombs Punk after the match. Weird. Then we see that he was "invited" by HHH by text to come down to destroy whoever wins the match between the two. OK, fair enough. But who really texted Nash? There are loads of possibilities WWE can go forward with this storyline.

On one hand, we could have John Laurinaitis somehow getting hold of HHH's phone and texting Nash. Another possibility is Vince is playing the cards and will eventually have a showdown with his son-in-law later on in the year. What about Stephanie, she may have some sort of agenda against HHH for getting her father replaced by her husband. Furthermore, thinking outside the box, what about the RAW GM? We haven't heard from that stupid laptop in ages, could it be taking a back seat as to not be in the frame? Could the RAW GM possibly be Mick Foley, who is rumored to be back in the WWE? More on Foley later.

I really do not understand WWE giving away the Punk vs HHH so early on. It should have either continued to Survivor Series or even till Wrestlemania. Both are amazing on the mic, and deliver good promos and you can see the chemistry they have. Is it because Nash was not cleared to wrestle? If that is the case, bring back X-Pac and have him fight Punk so the feud of the Clique vs Punk continues.

Now we hear on about the possibility of a new NWO. Wow WWE seems more and more like TNA. But if this is a swerve and Nash, who showed some hostility this past week by pushing HHH to the ground, gets cleared to wrestle, we would have Punk carrying Nash in that match and have the feud going to eventually Survivor Series when a certain someone could finally be back.

John Cena Back In The Main Event Picture...Really?

 So Cena goes from a HOT feud with CM Punk, and looking like he would be sitting just behind the main event title picture to going straight for the title again. Now we have two matches where we know the two people who would get buried. Why does WWE constantly think Cena should be in the main event? He's a big enough star, give him someone else to feud with that he can put over like Jack Swagger or Drew McIntyre. Have him put over Zack Ryder like when Rock put over Hurricane in all those hilarious segments. Give us someone fresh for the title. Even Miz vs Del Rio, a heel vs. a heel, would work.

R Truth/Miz...again Really?

R Truth with his hilarious Little Jimmys and conspiracies that Miz has finally come into also. Both are calling out WWE for not putting them over and having Cena constantly at the top. I can see a bright future in this pairing, and would love for them to feud for the tag team titles to give it a bit more prestige. Have Usos, Hawkins and Ryder going for the titles, so we can see an actual future for these titles, instead of having random title switches at television shows rather, than PPVs.

Mick Foley/Rock

With the confirmation of The Rock attending Survivor Series this year at Madison Square Garden, how fitting would it be to finally get rid of that awful laptop general manager and announce the RAW GM as none other than New York's own Mick Foley? Imagine the pop in that legendary arena with those legendary and vocal fans. Foley is rumored to be negotiating with WWE for a return, and Survivor Series would be a hit if they announce him as the GM and Rock returning to deliver more promos in his year-long feud with Cena.

Announcer Team: Do We Really Need a 3 Man Booth?

The announcing is atrocious in the WWE. With the return of JR in the booth, I thought maybe the announcing would be great again. But with Michael Cole still constantly talking about nerds, goofs, Miz and himself, and stories that have nothing to do with the match that's going on, it's hard to listen to the commentary. Give our two-man booth of Jim Ross and Jerry Lawler back, so we can actually have stories told about what is going on in the ring rather than stuff happening to Miz, Cena, Del Rio, Nash and HHH. Also please get Booker T off the announce team and send Cole there with Josh Matthews. Give Booker a new role. His constant "fame fives", "D Bryan", "TONIGHT", it seems like if you had a drinking game with those words, you'd be drunk silly in the first 10 minutes.

WWE Supershow - Brand Split Over?

What's up with the Brands now? Is there even any worth calling them RAW and/or SmackDown superstars any more? Is it because SmackDown has been getting low ratings they had to come over to RAW to put themselves over? In my opinion, make SmackDown LIVE every week, it beats the internet dirt sheets and helps us view the show with no knowledge of what is going to happen. Friday nights has always been a bad day for TV as most people are out. Move it to a Wednesday or a Tuesday and give SmackDown a fresh start!  


I have no final thoughts as I believe you guys should have the final thoughts. Comment below with those thoughts. Hope you enjoyed reading!