The Week That Was in Sports: 6 Headlines and Punchlines

Wayne TestoriCorrespondent IISeptember 3, 2011

The Week That Was in Sports: 6 Headlines and Punchlines

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    Another week in sports has come and gone.

    Here are six sports headlines fans around the nation can't stop talking about from the week that was.

    The list includes Ted Williams, the UFC's new deal with FOX, Labor Day, Michael Vick's $100 million contract, Rocky Balboa and the 2020 Summer Olympics.


UFC Moves to FOX

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    UFC on FOX: The UFC heavyweight title will be up for grabs at the first UFC on FOX main event.  Personally, I was hoping for GSP vs Stewie Griffin.

Rocky VII

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    Rocky VII:  Sylvester Stallone is considering doing another Rocky movie.  In the newest film Rocky will fight his toughest opponent yet, his enlarged prostate.

Ted Williams' Stamp

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    Ted Williams Goes Postal:  The Boston Red Sox great is to be honored on a postal stamp.  Do you know the difference between a Ted stamp and a stamp honoring Giants' reliever Brian Wilson? After licking the Brian Wilson stamp, it licks you back.

Olympic Bids

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    Olympic Bid Fever:  The United States decides not to enter a bid for the 2020 summer Olympics.  Many Americans would agree. Why pump billions of tax dollars into a pipe dream that is most likely not to succeed? After all, we already have the President's stimulus package for that.

Michael Vick's New Contract

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    Vick’s Contract Victory: Michael Vick signs a 6-year, $100 million dollar contract with the Philadelphia Eagles.  To quantify that amount, if one bowl of dog food represents one dollar, then you would be able to stretch a line of dog food bowls all the way from Philly to Atlanta. 

Labor Day

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    Labor Day Weekend: Due to labor disputes that caused the NFL lockout, and the NBA lockout, this holiday weekend should be renamed something that all sports fans can relate to.  Have a Happy Greed Weekend.