What-If Game: What If Randy Orton Wasn't so Fast to Complain to WWE Management?

Ryan FryeSenior Analyst ISeptember 4, 2011

What-If Game: What If Randy Orton Wasn't so Fast to Complain to WWE Management?

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    "What if" is often used to ponder the consequences of if something happened differently. Would it have changed the course of history? Or would it have barely made a difference in the grand scheme of things?

    I think it's safe to say that we have all played this, because it's just human nature to ask such a question. Sadly though, we will never know for sure what could have happened if a certain scenario happened differently.

    But, that has never stopped us from wondering, has it?

    So today, I am going to play the game: What if Randy Orton hadn't triggered the downfalls for Kofi Kingston, Ken Anderson and perhaps (although maybe unintentional) Ted DiBiase?

    Ironically, The Miz may not be the same star he is today without Randy Orton crying to higher-ups about botches.  

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Mr. Kennedy

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    Then known to the wrestling world as Mr. Kennedy, Ken Anderson possessed some of the best microphone skills in the WWE and was solid enough as a wrestler to become a top player in the company.

    He was coming off yet another injury, and looked to finally win the WWE Championship that he just missed out on after winning Money In the Bank (due to injury of course.)

    He was put in a 10-man tag team match, presumably to launch him as Randy Orton's next challenger.

    However, he accidently dropped the Viper on his previously torn collarbone, which set Randy off. Afterwards, he complained to WWE officials, and Kennedy was released just four days after.

    What if Mr. Kennedy was never released?

    Kennedy's team won the tag team match, which leads me to believe that he would have challenged Randy Orton for the WWE Championship sooner or later. It just seems to all fit, espicially considering Batista was injured in the match at Extreme Rules.

    Orton would eventually lose the title to John Cena at Breaking Point, after they extended their heated rivalry.

    But who's to say Cena wasn't a replacement for Anderson?

    What if Anderson was scheduled to beat Orton at Breaking Point and begin a long-term feud?

    Did you notice they juiced all they could get out of the Orton-Triple H feud when it could have ended sooner?

    In my opinion, there is reason for that.

    While this theory may be wrong, I can promise you that Mr. Kennedy would have been a multiple-time world champion by this point.  

The Miz

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    Just a month prior to Kennedy's release, The Miz was placed in a storyline with John Cena.

    This led to a squash match at The Bash, so Miz could comeback with a different gimmick, look and catchphrase on the August 10, 2009 edition of Monday Night Raw (after Kennedy was released.)

    Miz, like Kennedy, possessed great microphone skills, and improving skills inside the squared circle.


    I think not.

    What if Mr. Kennedy was never released?

    Although the angle had been started, Miz was likely to never get the mega-push he received if Anderson would have kept his job. 

    How many loudmouths can you have on one show?

    I understand one was a face and one was a heel, but still, Anderson would have taken priority over Miz, because he was flat-out better and more popular at the time.

    Does The Miz win the WWE Championship so soon if Mr. Kennedy is in the company?

    Probably not. 

Kofi Kingston

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    Kofi Kingston appeared to have a rocket shoved up his tights, as he was on the fast track to main-eventing.

    He was in the midst of a feud with Randy Orton, the WWE's top heel at the time.

    Then, Kofi botched the finish of a No. 1 contender's match, causing Orton to lose it on national television and tell management that Kofi 'wasn't ready.'

    Evidently, they listened.

    Kofi Kingston has not sniffed the main event ever since. 

    What if Kofi Kingston was never de-pushed?

    Kofi seemingly was going to win the feud and get a WWE Championship match at some point in time. He probably would have cost Orton the title, which could have led to a title opportunity of his own.

    I believe Kofi would make a Jeff Hardy kind of champion, as he would be the underdog, fan favorite and high-flyer all at the same time.

    Could Kofi ever be as over as Hardy was?

    Will Kofi ever get such a push again?

Ted DiBiase

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    Ted DiBiase was expected to turn face, defeat Randy Orton at WrestleMania 26 and begin as the WWE's newest big-time babyface. 

    However, cheers for Orton by the internet fans changed creative's mind, opting to turn Randy face instead. 

    What would have happened if Ted DiBiase had won at WrestleMania 26?

    Ted DiBiase would have left WrestleMania a main-eventer rather than a mid-card jobber. 

    He would have taken Randy Orton's place in a World Heavyweight Championship match against Jack Swagger, but ultimately lost.

    DiBiase would have been drafted to SmackDown, and consistently stayed in the main event, taking Big Show's spot as Swagger's challenger.

    After being demoted to the second face upon Edge's trade to SmackDown, Ted would have had a nice Intercontinental Championship reign. 

Randy Orton Would Still Be Heel

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    Without turning face at WrestleMania 26, Randy Orton likely would have remained heel.

    This means that he we would have gotten the more entertaining version of Randy, not the boring one we've grown accustomed to in the past year-and-a-half.

    In my opinion, this would have turned out much better for all parties involved.

    What if Randy Orton was still heel?

    We would have witnessed feuds where Randy put over opposing faces, creating a much more diverse group of faces in the process.

    Randy would not be the face of SmackDown—that instead would be somebody like Mr. Kennedy, or even Kofi Kingston. 

    Meanwhile, Orton would have remained one of the top heels in the company and given us a much better quality of entertainment. 

    Did we really have to see Randy Orton and John Cena become buddies?

    Yeah, that made me sick to my stomach too. 


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    How do you think Randy Orton changed the future of the WWE?

    Were his backstage antics just myths, and all of this was planned to happen all along?

    Or do you think Kofi, Anderson and Ted DiBiase would be in a better position right now if it wasn't for Mr. Orton?

    Thanks for reading.


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