Karl Malone Jr. Creating His Own Legacy

Adam Fisher@@adamfisher32Contributor IISeptember 2, 2011

Karl Malone Jr. Creating His Own Legacy

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    Sometimes, if you are overshadowed by someone in your family, it's hard to garner attention and focus, especially if your dad is Karl Malone, an NBA Hall of Famer.

    My cousin Karl Malone Jr. deals with this on a daily and weekly basis and it's unfair. Don't get me wrong: Karl is a great athlete. He's an NBA Hall of Famer and one of the hardest working athletes to ever play in any sport, but so is his son.

    I've come to know my cousin very well and practically call him my brother. I've seen what kind of athlete he is, and the potential KJ has is unreal and unparalleled to any person I've ever seen.

    He's trying to show the world in a different sport that he's different than his his dad but has the same work ethic. In this slideshow, I will tell you everything you need to know from schools he likes, schools that like him and places I could see him winding up at.

    KJ Malone, LT, Ruston, La., Cedar Creek School


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    What you fans have to remember, KJ is only a junior in high school. He will continue to grow and gain muscle. He might grow another inch or maybe two, but here is where he stands right now.

    Height: 6'4

    Weight: 300

    Bench: 315

    Squat: 445

    Clean: 225

    Broad Jump: 7'1'

    Vertical Jump: 23.00'

    40 yard dash: 5.40

Possible Destinations

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    Oklahoma: He loved Norman when he visited there, loves Stoops as a coach. Karl loved it. Also kinda close to home. He always has Sooner gear on and says they are his favorite team.

    Utah: It's his hometown. He also loves the coaching staff and he has family there, an aunt and uncle and many friends. Loves Salt Lake City.

    Louisiana Tech: No matter what you say, Tech will be a huge option for KJ; yeah, they're not the best team, but KJ loves them and reps them. Karl would love it for sure and he could stay right in town.

    LSU: I think as his senior year comes along, LSU will be recruiting him like crazy.

    Texas: He's got family in Dallas; he went to their camp in Austin and he seemed like he liked it but not as much as Oklahoma. But it would be hard to turn down the Longhorns with their new facilities and the new Longhorn Network.

    Florida, Florida State and Miami: He seems to like all three when I talk to him about them, especially Miami. He fell in love with the movie "The U" but with all this talk of major violations, I don't know if they're one of his top teams anymore.

    Boise State: His mom is an alum from there and they'll visit every once in awhile. Would he make the jump to the Gem State and play on the Blue?

    Alabama: The Tide will be up there for sure. KJ went to the camp, and whenever I texted him and asked how he was doing, he would just say he was getting work done. Also for Nick Saban to offer a kid a scholarship for a 2013 recruit is crazy; Saban rarely ever does that, most coaches don't. But Saban must have fallen in love with what he saw in KJ.

    Nebraska: Famous for the power run game, maybe he would look with the Cornhuskers?

    Oregon: Talking to my Uncle Rob, we both know when KJ goes to visit Oregon, it's going to be hard to turn down, and I mean very hard. With the facilities Oregon has and all the money Phil Knight has put into this program from all the multiple jersey styles, pant styles, shoe styles and helmet styles, KJ might fall in love on the spot.

    USC and UCLA: When Karl signed with the Lakers, KJ got to see USC and UCLA up close because he lived around the area for a year, so they could be a factor in this also.


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    Other teams that are interested in him or have been rumored to be interested in him.

    Ohio State

    Mississippi State

    Ole Miss


    Texas A&M



    Notre Dame



    South Carolina



    Arizona State


    Virginia Tech




    Boston College

    Idaho State

Still a Year Away

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    He still has this year and next year, but to think he's going to get a little taller and a little bigger is unreal.

    The sky is the limit with KJ if he keeps putting in the hard work, he'll get out of his dad's shadow and show people that he's got game as well.

    I can't wait to see my Lil Brother well Lil BIG Brother make his decision next year, but now I wish him luck these next two years and wish him luck to continue to dominate and kill OCS because all of Creek would love that.

    Hope everyone enjoyed the article, again I'm sorry I'm not KJ so I don't know what's going through his head 24/7, but these five schools will play a major role in his recruitment, in my opinion. In no specific order.

    1. Utah

    2. Oregon

    3. Oklahoma

    4. Louisiana Tech

    5. Alabama

    It's all fun and games, I'd love KJ to go to Notre Dame or Nebraska, but whatever school he picks, I'll be his biggest supporter and cheer him on. Even if it means Oklahoma or USC. Have a great day, everybody.

Video Highlights of KJ

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National Underclassmen Combine

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    NUC-KJ Malone

    this was last year so a little smaller.