UGA and Boise State Matchup About to Pay off

J. BrownFeatured ColumnistSeptember 2, 2011

Murray will face probably the biggest opener of his entire college career on Sept. 3rd.
Murray will face probably the biggest opener of his entire college career on Sept. 3rd.Sam Greenwood/Getty Images

In little more than 30 hours, seven months of preparation, analysis, endless talking heads, hundreds of hours of practice and film study will have paid off for a team that will be riding a national high.

The question is, which team will it be?

Coming into the game, analysts and so-called experts have done everything they could do to dissect everything from recruiting classes and past games to a six-year-old matchup.

Analogies and similes abound trying to settle on a single formula for calling the game for these two hungry teams.

For each team, though, the outcome is going to depend on who shows up.

Boise State is riding the favored category. 38-2 in the past four seasons isn't too shabby, but those losses have come out of nowhere to shock Boise, its fans and their supporters.

The Broncos are going into this game knowing they're the favored, knowing how many games they've one in the past four years and knowing that they have one of the best quarterbacks in the nation.

Pride always precedes the fall, though.

I'm not saying that Boise State is so high on themselves that they expect to coast to victory in what will be, for all intents and purposes, a home game for UGA.

But when you expect to win rather than play to win you tend to get bit in the rear end. And it might just be from the Bulldogs.  Again.

Last year the Broncos went into the Virgina Tech game needing a win. They had something to prove.  Depending who you talked to, they proved it.

I personally don't think they did.  If VT managed the clock and the ball better, they had a real shot to win or at least force overtime. 

33-30 is not the big win some made it out to be. But a win is a win.

Their stunning loss to Nevada left the Broncos quite bitter.  They probably expected to win that game and were beat by a team that wanted it more.

The same can said be of UGA.  Its veteran offensive line and new defensive scheme entered 2010 with tons of hype. 

All that blew up in their face and Georgia had its first losing season since 1996.

They went into the season expecting to intimidate every team and just run away with wins.

That isn't how football is played. No one should walk in to any game expecting to win. If they do, all the months of hype, preparation and hard work will pop like a balloon.

Who wants it more?  Who prepared harder?  Which is the better team?

Boise State and Georgia kick off on Saturday in a slugfest to prove which team has what it takes to rub shoulders with the big boys of college football.