NFL Week 11: Letters to the League

daniel coxSenior Writer INovember 18, 2008

To: Jake Delhomme
Re: Downhill Delhomme
Oh man, it's like you suddenly forgot how to pass. I know, I know, you've got those two great running backs, and Fox is really attached to the running game. But you've got Steve Smith out there, and he's more than capable of catching a few passes.
In your last two games, this is what you've accomplished: 17 completed passes in 46 attempts for 170 yards. Two touchdowns and four interceptions.
And that was against Oakland and Detroit.
Steve must be furious right about now.

To: Kyle Orton
Re:Re: Rex
Dude, what happened?
You didn't shave the beard, did you?

To: Jim Fassel
Re: Are you crazy, too?
Are things so bad that you're reaching out to Al Davis to express interest in the Raiders job?
You do realize you'd be just another notch on Davis' coachpost, right?
It's like those women that letter-date inmates because they feel they're the ones that can change the guy's life.
Are you the one, Jim?
According to what I read, you're the first to express "any real interest" in the job.
You also dropped Davis a line just to remind him of your longtime friendship.
Now, I don't know about you, but if I have to remind someone that I'm friends with them, I:
a) was probably never friends with them to begin with.
b) don't want to be friends with them.


Nice game this week. Now that's why New York brought you to town.

You always have a flair for the dramatic, Brett. Were you really nervous heading into overtime? C'mon.

You know you loved it when the Jets players looked at you in the huddle and told you they knew you'd get the win for them, because you'd done it so many times before.
Those moments are why you came back to the NFL, right?

To: Ted Ginn, Jr.
Re: I hate to say...
So many questions:
How did it feel to run back the opening kickoff in the National Championship game for a touchdown?
How did it feel to sprain your foot celebrating said return and not be able to play the rest of the game?
How did it feel when Dolphins fans booed you as their selection at the draft?
Your play has improved considerably. You've got the most catches in three of the four games in the Dolphins' current win streak.
Ever wish you could say, "I told you so"?

To: Sav Rocca
Re: Punt like your life depends on it
You went all out on Sunday. I don't know that it's a good thing for a punter to say, but you had a career day.
Ten punts for 362 yards. The guy from the Bengals was even better: 11 for 397.
I'm surprised you guys didn't tear some hamstrings.
Re: The $66 million mistake
OK, wow. That was an insane catch.
But with the exception of the amazing catch, that whole play reminded me of all the games my friends and I would play in Stuart Valentiner's front yard.
The snow, the frantic running around, and the slip and fall at the end. It looked more like a game of "kill the man with the football" than what it really was.
And don't get me started on the end-of-the game-fumble-recovery-for-a-touchdown-but-wait-it's-not-but-then-postgame-I'll-admit-I-blew-the-call fiasco.

To: Terry Bradshaw
Re: Love him more than Madden
Terry, I kind of like you. You're sort of funny in that annoying kind of way.
But you couldn't be further off base with those Favre comments.
I think you said what you said on the heels of the Jets' big win, but then the Packers went out and won big and made you look a little foolish.
This isn't the same Packers team. Grant's fought injuries. The O-line's injured, or maybe they just can't block anymore. The defense hasn't exactly stayed healthy either.
The way I see it, the Packers are fortunate to be where they are, and Rodgers has a lot to do with that.
I think it's mildly irresponsible for you to use such a forum to show Favre some love.
Yes, Madden can do it, but it's the way he does it. It's kind of funny in a sincere and reverent kind of way.
Your way sounded more like a foolish rant.

Re: 35 degrees
Brady, Buffalo is cold. Even Favre, the best and toughest quarterback ever (according to Bradshaw and Madden), wore long sleeves on cold days.
It's one thing for linemen to go sleeveless. It fits with the image.
When you watch the tape of Monday night's game, you'll notice how cold you looked (I think I saw you shivering at one point), and your play reflected it.
Sure, the EAS performance nutrition people loved seeing you with your guns blazing, but surely the Browns would liked to have seen an accurate and long-sleeved Quinn.

To: Andy Reid
Re: What would Bill Walsh do?
A tie?
I appreciate McNabb's desire to play forever, but I can tell you how you could have won that game.
Brian Westbrook is one of the best running backs in the league. He's also, at times, one of the least-used. He ran 14 times on Sunday. McNabb threw 58 times. West Coast offense be damned. Run the ball Andy, and you might win.
I guess a tie is an appropriate ending to the ugliest game EVER.

Re: Broken fingers = broken dreams
Sometimes I can see you doing things that tell me you and Jessica are perfect for each other.
Because of the pinkie thing, you had to do high-fives with your left hand.
And then when you discussed this, after the game, and demonstrated, you did it with your right hand.
When you lowered your hand, you hit a reporter's tape recorder. Surely the irony, had you broken that finger again, is not lost on you.
That definitely seems like a Jessica thing to do.