Kings of the Hill: The Top Five Pitchers in Major League Baseball

Matt KellyCorrespondent IFebruary 1, 2008

These are the pitchers who I think are the top five pitchers in Major League Baseball. You may have other opinions.  Please post what you think....


1. Josh Beckett

Beckett has a great array of pitches, a solid player, and hardly makes a mistake.  What more can you ask for in a pitcher?

Not much. He won the World Series in 2003 with the Florida Marlins virtually single handedy. Then, in 2007, he helped the Boston Red Sox to their second championship in four years. Beckett is a clutch pitcher and deserves to be number one.


2. Johan Santana

Obviously the best pitcher in baseball but, after a poor 2007 season, Santana has dropped to number two.

He played on a struggling Twins team last season, but now has signed a six-year $139 million contract with the Mets after being traded from Minnesota for four prospects.

Santana leads the league in strikeouts almost every season. He is number one, but drops to number two after a poor season.


3. Jake Peavy

Probably one of the best, if not the best, pitcher in the National League. But Beckett and Santana would outduel him.

One reason for Peavy lack of dominance is when he leaves the game. Even with one of the best bullpens in the league, they gave up leads in the late innings.

If this were a National League top pitchers list, Peavy would definitely be number one or two.


4. Roy Halladay

Everytime Roy goes out to pitch you can almost garuntee a solid outing. He plays in the hardest division in baseball the AL East. He has to face the Yankees and Red Sox several times a year, Toronto's bullpen just cant handle the pressure and folds.

If Toronto trades Halladay to a different ball club, which I think they should do, then they would get a lot of young talent.


5. C.C. Sabathia

Probably the second best lefty in the league.  If it wasn't for Santana, Sabathia would be the best in the league.

He is a big guy that provides an awesome fastball with some speed. The Indians went pretty far this season and almost made it to the World Series.

The combination of C.C. and Fausto Carmona will be a definite threat for American League ball clubs for many years to come.


Those are my top five pitchers.  If you have any objections, please post them with courteousness, thanks.