WWE News: Heel Turn Signals Original Sin Cara vs. Fake Sin Cara Feud

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WWE News: Heel Turn Signals Original Sin Cara vs. Fake Sin Cara Feud
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The original Sin Cara, AKA the 2nd Mistico. See, the 2nd Sin Cara is the original Mistico. But the 2nd Mistico didn't replace the first Mistico, he just ripped him off. Now the first Mistico is ripping off the second Mistico in WWE in a storyline. The ironing is delicious.

Dave Meltzer noted in yesterday's F4WOnline.com daily update that, as one might expect if they've been following the situation, Jorge "Hunico" Arias' Sin Cara turned heel on Tuesday's Super Smackdown show.

This is because the original Sin Cara (formerly Mistico in CMLL) is coming back to feud with him. 

This was believed to be one of the plans the WWE had when they put Hunico in the gimmick, but things went back and forth so many times that it was hard to tell what was going on. That is, until Sin Cara attacked Daniel Bryan on Tuesday.

As I've mentioned before, there's definitely some risk involved in running this feud. The two Sin Caras have made it clear that they don't like each other, going back several years.

Arias was wrestling in the Juarez area as Mistico when CMLL re-gimmicked their undercard high flyer Astro Boy as their own Mistico and made him a huge star.

Arias somehow lost the legal battle over the name, and even though his issue was really with CMLL, he and CMLL Mistico have been at odds ever since.

Subsequently, he changed his name to Mystico, Mistico de Juarez and so on when in the area around Juarez, and Incognito when booked elsewhere in Mexico and the US.

It's been unclear throughout this whole mess as to whether or not the key people in the WWE are aware of this back-story, since it's such a potential disaster. If they are, they might as well bring it up on the air, since they pretty much acknowledged that Sin Cara is supposed to be the more famous CMLL Mistico.

In Mexico, at least, it's probably less insider than the content of various promos in the CM Punk vs. Triple H and Kevin Nash feud.

Plus, how are the Sin Cara merchandise royalties going to be divided up? Whatever the situation is, it probably won't help their relationship, either.

Regardless of how good the matches are (and it wouldn't shock me if one Sin Cara sandbags the other Sin Cara in order to make him look bad), this is certainly going to be an interesting feud to follow behind the scenes.

Hopefully it goes better than the WWE's previous impostor feuds with The Undertaker and Kane went...

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