5 Reasons to Believe Terrelle Pryor Will Be a Bust for Oakland Raiders

John Rozum@Rozum27Correspondent ISeptember 2, 2011

5 Reasons to Believe Terrelle Pryor Will Be a Bust for Oakland Raiders

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    So now that Terrelle Pryor is an Oakland Raider, after everything that's occurred with him this offseason, does that make him a bust?

    Well, it certainly doesn't help the cause, but that apparently was irrelevant to Al Davis.

    As we all know, he'll go after anyone regardless of what the critics say.

    In any event, Pryor has a lot of proving to do.

    But, until he actually does perform, here are five reasons to not believe.


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    When he was at Ohio State, he never had to make any complicated reads.

    Well, at least nothing compared to what the NFL will provide.

    He didn't spend too much time in the pocket despite having a solid offensive line, and never really had to progress through three or four WRs.

    In addition, he didn't have to audible that much, which will drastically change in pro football.

    Pryor's college system wasn't preparing him for the pros.

    Just ask any other Ohio State QB in the last decade.


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    Now it's not that Terrelle Pryor hasn't worked hard to keep in shape this offseason, but it's more of him missing out on training camp—almost completely. Even more so, his missing out on the involuntary workouts that were put on before the lockout ended.

    He's going to get one preseason chance to showcase his ability, then he's going to be sitting out for a five-game suspension in the regular season.

    At this point he's not just a step or two back, Pryor's about ten back.


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    In relation to making his reads in college, yes that is part of the transition into the NFL—but it's not the entire transition.

    When in college, Pryor stood out like a sore thumb because he got to play against teams with sad defenses in Michigan and Indiana.

    In the NFL, the game is faster.

    Actually, the game is much, much faster, and every player on the field is a ridiculous athlete.

    There's no clock stoppage after each first down to move the chains, and even the plays are more complicated.

    If he's to prove he's not a bust, learning the smallest of nuances in making the transition is the key.


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    Previously mentioned was the fact that Pryor didn't make too many reads in college.

    Well, he was a good enough athlete against inferior athletes, so he could just tuck the ball at his pleasure.

    If he does that against any NFL defense, he will get dominated.

    So, sitting in the pocket and waiting is very crucial.

    And not for just one or 1.5 seconds.

    We're talking 2.5 to 3.5 so he can make his reads, feel the rush, and then, ultimately, make the throw.

    Then he can run, but even then, buying time with his feet should be considered before running, because getting outside the pocket and making a throw on a broken play happens more often than not.


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    Ever since last December, when all the Ohio State accusations began, Terrelle Pryor has been under scrutiny.

    And it's going to remain with him unless he silences the critics.

    Obviously this article is no exception to that, and there will be many more from many other skeptics throughout the football world this season alone.

    However, if he does perform then, yes, the pressure will be off.

    But if he does not, then it will consume him.

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