Andrew Maxwell: Say "Goodbye" to East Lansing...For Now

JC AugustineCorrespondent INovember 18, 2008

MSU's hot recruit and future quarterback had a chance to play at East Lansing this upcoming Saturday for the state semifinals. But, alas, Andrew Maxwell wasn't able to win his regional championship game and Sparty fans at home will not go to a game this weekend.

Maxwell is one of the best high school quarterbacks in the nation, ranked No. 8.

So here is the promise given to Maxwell and his team. Win the next two games and you are at Ford Field for the state championship game.

Another new discovery was made early last week for the team in question, the Midland High Chemics. It was that MSU had said that their field could be used as the neutral site between the semifinal teams.

For Maxwell, it would have been like a home field to him. It would have also been one of the best advertising campaigns ever. Have the future quarterback playing for the semifinals for states at his future alma mater.

The problem with the loss to Davison was that it crushed so many dreams of a return to Ford Field. Not just Maxwell, not just the future Northwestern receiver, Drew Moulton, not just his team, but the whole school's as well.

The 212-man high school marching band, the MSU alumni band director, Mr. Monroe, and the whole school wanted to see a redemption victory after last year's state final loss to an all-senior football team called MLK Jr. High, which came from Detriot.

OK, last year's loss is still eating me up. The MLK High's coach had gone around to the multiple closing Detriot high schools, recruiting the best players. The result, one of the biggest teams in the nation, half of which went to USC and UCLA for their college of choice.

OK, sorry about my rant, but I think others should know about it. 

Well, in this year's loss against Davison, Maxwell was perfect. Every single pass was dead on, but too bad the other receivers besides Moulton couldn't hold on to the ball. The Chemics were even able to score in the last minute of the game, but, in the end, the onside kick just didn't work. They lost, but at least the team they lost to was good, no thanks to recruiting but to old-fashioned hard work.

The score was 25-19, Davison.