WWE: Christian, R-Truth and 8 Other Superstars That Deserve a Raise

Marley CardonaContributor IIISeptember 2, 2011

WWE: Christian, R-Truth and 8 Other Superstars That Deserve a Raise

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    A while back, someone posted a list of wrestlers who they thought deserved a raise. Everyone is allowed an opinion, and  this is not meant to be a 'diss' on the other article,  but Kelly Kelly? Mark Henry? Michael Cole? (Poorly attempt an imitation of The Miz here) Really? Really?

    The only way Michael Cole is getting a raise is if he stops taking away from the action, and starts managing a heel that desperately needs a mouthpiece. (I'm looking at you, Drew McIntyre... Wait... Is he a heel? Eh, who cares).

    Any how, let me run down the 10 superstars that I believe deserve a raise, based on their performance in the ring, abilities on the mic and their ability (or with the help of a good storyline, eventually acquiring the ability) to put asses in seats.

Cody Rhodes

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    Firstly, Cody Rhodes has the ability to become everything his brother should have been, and more.

    Goldust was wasted talent, so let's hope they don't make the same mistake with Cody. Cody is fairly good in the ring, and is, in my (heavily biased) opinion, a better promo man than Cena.

    Cody looks like he should be moving up to the Main Event scene, definitely by WrestleMania, if not sooner. He needs an actual feud to get there however, one that is pieced together nicely, with a legitimate storyline, not some of the usual mid card randomness we're so very accustomed to.  

R-Truth and Miz

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    Truth was absolutely horrendous on the mic as a face, but he's straight up GOLD as a heel. Amazing heat.

    He can also make his opponent look good in the ring. Unfortunately he was a squash victim for Cena, but let's hope that changes with him and Miz teaming up. Would 

    Definitely love to see a CM Punk led faction containing both these men. 

Beth Phoenix

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    Beth Phoenix friggin rules. It's too bad that she was made to job to Kelly Kelly at SS.

    Again, I hope she teams with CM in a stable, and she DOMINATES the Women's division (at least until Kharma gets back).

    Then, it'll be like King Kong vs Godzilla.... Oh God.... please don't think I was being racist with that.

Evan Bourne and Kofi Kingston

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    I know, I know, neither are very good on the mic, but people love to see them wrestle.

    Sure some people might say they are just spot monkeys, but still, they make wrestling fun and entertaining.

    With a good manager, they could really reinvigorate the Tag Team Division.

Dolph Ziggler

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    Did you see his match with Orton? Well, watch it now. Did you watch it? Ok then.

    Orton is not that amazing in the ring, but both men put on a great show. Ziggler is definitely good in the ring, though he could be better on the mic.

    Still, he's a good heel, and definitely has the potential to become a great one.


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    Christian is charismatic, great in the ring and great on the mic (when he's not made to look like a whiny little bitch).

    With the brand extension seemingly over, I hope he gets involved with the WWE Championship.

    If I can't have Punk, please gimme Christian. Not Del Rio and, Dear Lord, not Cena.

Zack Ryder

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    Sweet cream on an ice cream sammich! I cannot for the life of me figure out why Ryder isn't on TV weekly.

    And no, Superstars does not count.

    He's charismatic as all hell, he can work the mic and is good in the ring. He's hardly on TV and his shirt is consistently sold out. Think about how much merchandise he could sell if he wrestled on Raw or SmackDown more.

    And please, oh please, SELL THE WOO WOO WOO Headbands!

CM Punk

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    Seriously, the man is the hottest act the WWE has had in a long time.

    Whatever his new contract is worth, double it and it still wouldn't be enough!

    Punk is the best in the WWE at everything—ring skills, mic skills, you name it.

    That's my article—short on words, heavy on videos. 

    Comment on who I should have left out, swapped, blah blah blah.

    Thanks for reading/watching.