'Splain This: Lewis Hamilton Cuts In on Fernando Alonso

Adam Amick@adamamick1Senior Writer IJune 18, 2007
Men (and women) tend to hit the town in pairs. In some situations, you have a "lead" and a "wingman", who's there to provide support for the lead. 
Air Force fighter pilots and would-be Romeos use the same system. When it's nitty-gritty time, the lead goes in for the kill and scores the girl...while the wingman covers his back, and entertains the not-so-attractive friend.
Fernando Alonso must be frustrated. The two-time defending Formula 1 champ, the face of F1, was supposed to lead McLaren back to prominence. But someone forgot to tell Lewis Hamilton. 
Did the rookie not get on the McLaren email list? Did he miss the memo? Wasn't playing wingman part of the contract?
Hamilton took the pole position at both the Circuit Gilles Villeneuve in Montreal and the Indianapolis Motor Speedway before going on to win each race, a sweep of the North American leg of the F1 World Championship. 
Alonso, meanwhile, finished seventh at Canada and had to settle for second at Indy, even after putting a move on the youngster that would have forced many veterans to back down.
If I were Alonso, I'd be frustrated. But it would be a "me" problem, not a "him" problem. 
Lewis Hamilton may be showing, simply, that he's a better driver than Alonso.  After all, if they're in equivalent equipment, then whoever wins is the more skilled competitor...right?
Hamilton is shattering expectations in his rookie season. He has been in seven races. His worst finish is third, on the podium, with a trophy, drinking champagne.
And only once was it that bad.
Four times Hamilton was runner-up, and now he's been on the top step twice. In a row.
And oh by the way: Not once has he finished worse than where he started.
I don't believe Fernando Alonso thought he'd be looking up at his teammate after seven races.  I don't believe he thought he'd have to share the spotlight. I don't believe he thought he'd have to work to get around the rookie.
After all: He's the lead.
That's what Alonso gets for thinking. And if he wants to be a "thinker," then Lewis Hamilton seems more than happy to be Formula Un's "driver."
Alonso proved his worth by trumping the great Michael Schumacher two years in a row. Now, with the top spot all to himself, he's been (male anatomy)-blocked by his wingman.
I think I'd be frustrated too. After all, I was supposed to be kissing the girl...wasn't I?
Someone please 'splain that to me.
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