The College Football Playoff Onus Is on Obama

Brad JamesCorrespondent INovember 18, 2008

It is a unique impression I have received which manifests that I should write this article about Barack Obama, as he apparently has designs of endearing himself to numerous Americans who follow college football on a weekly basis.

Obama has delved deep into the heart of the BCS controversy, as he has stated he would like to have an eight-team playoff system on both the ESPN and CBS airwaves.

Perhaps some Americans thought he was joking when he told this to Chris Berman during the Monday Night Football game featuring the Steelers and Redskins on the eve of the election, but this wasn't the only time.

Last Sunday, while many of us were watching the aforementioned Redskins lose to the Cowboys, he made his first appearance as commander-in-chief on 60 Minutes and said the same thing.

Obviously, this took ACC commissioner and BCS coordinator John Swofford aback somewhat, but I have talked to numerous law experts in the interim, and they said if Obama wills a playoff, it can happen.

His commands will consist of executive orders, which are something I have no knowledge of, but they sure sound authoritative. In any case, I need to clarify something right here.

I did not vote for Obama, nor do I agree with his policies, except for this one.

While I will probably never be an Obama proponent, I must admit he has found my soft spot, and if he brings us a playoff, he will forever have my respect.

This is truly the epitome of sports: the fact that someone like Obama who has different ideas than me on virtually every subject under heaven can be united with me via our common passion for football.

A playoff in Division I will be one of the greatest things of all time, and while the NFL will forever be king in my eyes, college football will become a close second. I appreciate your courage, President Obama, and may you give us the playoff we desire!