WWE News: Do They Hate Their Young Talent?

Robert KnightSenior Analyst IIISeptember 1, 2011

I have noticed something disturbing on WWE recently. Whenever it is time for the really young talent to show, WWE throws them down to a top guy who jobs them. Right now, they are treating two of their great talents like garbage. They set them up and then throw them away like junk.

Needless to say, this is very irritating to watch.

Two prime examples of this mistreatment are Wade Barrett and Daniel Byran. Both are talented with unique wrestling styles. It is always a joy to watch them wrestle—they never disappoint. They are a bit young for the WWE, but they have proven they could handle the main event.

Unfortunately, the WWE is treating them like they are nothing.

Daniel Byran is having some of the best matches of his career. He has faced off against top talents such as Alberto Del Rio and Christian as well some top mid-carders like Wade Barrett and Sin Cara. The problem here is that he keeps losing to them despite being in possession of the MITB briefcase. 

Bryan has been proven he can handle competing in the main event. He has the talent, skills, in-ring ability and captures the audience with his matches. Now the WWE just needs to start treating him like the star he is.

Some speculate that adding Bryan to main events might lead to a heel turn. That could be true, but the WWE should think of something better than having Bryan lose constantly.

Wade Barrett is another victim of WWE mistreatment. He has the mic skills, the in-ring ability and the talent to back up every word of trash talk he speaks. He is a main eventer and has proven it.

However, ever since Summerslam where Wade Barrett and Daniel Byran faced off against each other, WWE seems to have dropped them like rocks. Barrett went on to win one match on the next Smackdown, but then the WWE kept him out of the ring. When they finally put him back in they had him simply walk away.

Barrett has said that the WWE is not giving him the respect he deserves and kudos to him for acknowledging it. They put him on Super Smackdown to face off against John Cena, but said that he had personally asked for the match.

Barrett has a history of taking out Cena and doing it whenever he pleases. He has the edge and there is no reason for him not to be able to compete against him in a well-fought contest.

What does WWE do instead?

Jobber to John Cena, of course.

Instead of a great back and forth match, Cena spends five minutes beating down Barrett with hardly any opposing offense. WWE bills this match as one that Wade himself asked for and this is what they did with it.

Had Cena earned a well-fought victory, fans would have been fine with his win. Wade would have looked great against Cena the next time around, but WWE reportedly thought that it was not a good idea.

Why have it billed as Wade asking for this match just to have him job like he did? It only makes him look bad and appear that he cannot compete with the top anymore like he used to.

When the match ended, I had a disgusting feeling inside of myself with my hands buried in my face. Why is the WWE keep dropping the ball on their best talent?

WWE appears to not know what to do with their young talents, treating them like lowly jobbers for the older wrestlers to beat. It is not fair for them when they have already proven to be top talents themselves. Does WWE have it in for them?

It sure appears that way.

WWE needs to get on top of this problem and fix it as quick as they can. Otherwise, I would not be surprised to hear some expressed frustration from these young wrestlers in the near future.