Dolphins-Patriots: Why the Wildcat Will Work Again

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Dolphins-Patriots: Why the Wildcat Will Work Again

Yes, the first time was the most productive. It won't ever score five touchdowns in a game again. The "wildcat" formation still has worked, and it will continue to work.

The Dolphins have still had three more touchdowns out of it since that Patriots game in Foxborough. Most people have been saying that Belichick is too smart for the Dolphins to dominate their defense with that again.

Here's why it will work though.

This formation has some tweaks to it, first off. Now they've been putting Patrick Cobbs and Ricky Williams back with Brown.

Second, we know there are other plays that can be made out of it. We've seen Brown throw for a touchdown. We've seen Pennington throw a touchdown on a reverse. It's not just running the ball every single time. 

The Wildcat, or Wildphin, has been a distraction for people from what the Dolphins are really doing. They only use that formation every so often, it's not like that's their gimmick that's getting them downfield. The Dolphins are still running traditional plays and offenses on scoring drives.

It's possible that the Patriots have gotten too caught up in the Wildcat/Wildphin that they will forget all about Pennington throwing a pass to Ted Ginn or Ronnie Brown taking a handoff. Stopping the Wildcat/Wildphin doesn't mean you'll stop the other offensive formations.

Not only does this odd formation give some deception, but it also gets the other team more focused on that than anything else.

That's one reason they beat some of those other teams. The opposition was so focused on stopping the wildcat formation, that they forget some of the other important things they have to work on.

This offense gives an extra dimension to the Dolphins' game and will do its job next Sunday against New England, again.

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