My Take on the Yankees and Red Sox

Matt KellyCorrespondent IFebruary 1, 2008

I have decided to take the time to compare the position players and pitchers of the Red Sox and Yankees.


First Base:
Red Sox: Kevin Youkilis
Yankees: Undecided; Shelley Duncan or Johnny Damon

Obviously, the Red Sox win at first base. Youk is a great fielder and rarely strikes out.  On the Yankees side, they have no clue who will play there.

Second Base:
Red Sox: Dustin Pedroia
Yankees: Robinson Cano

This one is a close one.  Pedroia was awsome in the playoffs, and Cano was good in the regular season when he wasnt injured. It is really a toss up. Pedroia may have been a one time thing.  My pick here is Cano.


Red Sox: Julio Lugo
Yankees: Derek Jeter

Well, there is no competition here.  Obviously, it is the great Derek Jeter. He is always the most clutch, and he is probably one of the top three shortstops. No question here it's Derek Jeter.


Third Base:
Red Sox: Mike Lowell
Yankees: Alex Rodriguez

A-rod was obviously the best player in MLB last year, but Lowell had a great post-season. My pick here would have to be Rodriguez.

Lowell is getting older, and, while A-rod isn't the youngest, he still delivers.  I'm not saying that Lowell doesn't deliver.  I just believe that A-Rod will have a better season.


Left Field:
Red Sox: Manny Ramirez
Yankees: Hideki Matsui

Well, Manny is one of the best outfielders in the game.  He hits and leads the league in outfield assists consistently.  Without a doubt, it's Man Ram.


Center Field:
Red Sox: Undecided
Yankees: Undecided

Well, it looks like this one is a toss up.  The Yankees don't know if Melky Cabrera or Johnny Damon will end up there.  The same problem exists for the Red Sox; Coco Crisp or Jacoby Ellsbury. My descision is undecided because I don't know who will play.


Right Field:
Red Sox: J.D. Drew
Yankees: Bobby Abreu

Last season, J.D. Drew was up and down last season. Abreu was a little more consistent. This one is kind of a toss up, too, but I would have to go with Abreu.


Red Sox: Jason Varitek
Yankees: Jorge Posada

Both are phenominal catchers.  Jorge is a little more offensive, and Tek is more of the defensive type. Both had awesome seasons last year, but I would have to go with Posada in this case. His offense will help the Yankees with their pitching struggles.


Designated Hitter:
Red Sox: David Ortiz
Yankees: Jason Giambi

If Big Papi's knee is healed, then he may take the homerun crown and the AL MVP. He is a phenomenal hitter that every pitcher is afraid of. Without a doubt I will take David Ortiz.


Starting Pitching:
Red Sox: Josh Beckett, Curt Schilling, Daisuke Matsuzaka, Tim Wakefield, and Jon Lester
Yankees: Chien-Ming Wang, Andy Pettitte, Phil Hughes, Mike Mussina, and Joba Chamberlain/Ian Kennedy

The Red Sox have those expierenced vets, and the Yankees have a mix of vets and young guns. The Sox' starting pitching is more reliable than the young guns of New York, so I would have to take the Sox.


Red Sox: Jonathan Papelbon
Yankees: Mariano Rivera

The Bo Sox have that young and fiery guy, and the Yanks have that calm, no pressure vet. If I would have to choose, I would take the young and fiery guy, because he will be around a lot longer to save more games. I see Pap earning the most saves in MLB this season.


Red Sox: Terry Francona
Yankees: Joe Girardi

Obviously, with Girardi being a young and new manager, Francona takes it. He has won two of the last three World Series.

That's how I compared the two teams, and I believe it to be correct.


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