Roy Holsomback, Old No. 68 of the Alabama Crimson Tide: A American Family Hero

mpeskyContributor INovember 18, 2008

You are a Alabama Crimson Tide fan and you don't know who Roy Holsomback is? Shame on you.

You need to go back and read more history about Alabama football. If you go as far back as February 11, 1938 you will find that a Roy L. Holsomback was born in Coleanor, Alabama.

If you do not see Coleanor, Alabama on the state map don't fret. Coleanor, Alabama no longer exists. All that is left of this coal mining town is a sign that tells a little about the place and simply says "Nothing Remains."

Fast forward to 1958 and you will see a Roy Holsomback He was on the Alabama Team when a man named Paul Bryant came "home to Momma".

1959 finds Roy Holsomback playing for Coach Paul "Bear" Bryant in Coach Bryant's first year as Head Coach. Now you are learning a little history of Tide football.

Now on to 1960 and you may remember some of Roy's teammates...Bill Battle, Charles Pell, Jack Rutledge, Lee Roy Jordan, Billy Neighbors, Pat Trammell, and Mal Moore. Roy is a Alabama All Time Letterman 1959-1960.

Okay, so now you know why Roy Holsomback, the Alabama letterman, is famous.

It is not all because of the Alabama greats he played beside.

It is not all because of his playing record at Alabama where it written * "A tough, loyal and determined football player...should see a lot of action...a letterman last year...his experience will help. All-State pick at West Blockton High...School of Education."

His fame is indeed all of that but it is also because of the man...Roy Holsomback, and his heart.

Roy (I can call him who don't personally know him should call him Mr. or more appropriately Coach) came from a very poor but also a very loving family. Roy knows the grip of poverty, yet he didn't even realize that his family was poor.

He is a family hero of both the Pickett and Holsomback family. He shattered the boundries that the rest of us only dream about. His joy is sharing his success with his family.

I have looked into and been inside the room at Alabama where the all time greats gather.  My entrance to this place was only because I was Roy's guest.

I am proud to say that Roy Holsomback is my number one sports hero and ranks way "up there" on my list of favorite people. He and I are double second cousins. Some people from the south will know what a double second cousin is, but many others of you will not.

I will let you find out just how a person can have a double second cousin on your own. I will only tell you that it was a  common thing in southern families and no incest is involved.

Roy Holsomback is a man of great character. He is a Alabama Letterman, a high school principal, and a high school football coach. Maybe some of you reading this have been a pupil of his. I continue to learn from THE MAN.

"Southern Born and Southern Bred" by the Grace Of God. My place is behind THE MAN...a cheerleader, a proud FAMILY member...I am very happy in MY PLACE.

* 1960 University Of Alabama Varsity Football Roster.