Alabama Sports: Things We Learned and Monday Message Board 11/17

Nic GulasSenior Analyst INovember 18, 2008

Hey Guys,

So, with basketball season under way, the Monday Message Board is going to now expand to including some points about basketball, but, as always, we will start with football.


Two Down, One More to Go

After the 32-7 win against Mississippi State, Alabama managed to stop the second haunting streak it had going heading into this season.

Alabama ended the Bulldogs' two game winning streak, but more importantly, 'Bama scored an offensive touchdown for the first time since 2004. 

Alabama has now ended losing streaks to both LSU and Mississippi State, as well as the November losing streak, but one more glaring streak remains: six in a row to Auburn. 

The third team of Tigers is the last streak the Tide is looking to break this season, and it will take everything this team has left. 

Auburn is looking into their first losing season in ten years as well as playing for a chance to get to Shreveport (ironic, huh).  They will be hungry, and Alabama can not take this team lightly.


Javier Arenas: How Ever Could We Doubt Thee?

Was anyone else starting to get the feeling that Javy may have lost his touch or was trying to do to much?

The fumbles against Tennessee and LSU were not encouraging and some were starting to wonder what happened to the man who ran wild last season. 

Well, he couldn't have returned at a better time. 

Arenas went crazy on Mississippi State. He ran for 153 return yards, breaking his own career high, and scoring his fifth career punt return for a touchdown, good enough to tie David Palmer's school record of five. 

Alabama provided Arenas plenty of room to run on the returns, something the team as a whole had struggled with at times this season. 

Alabama could sure use that special teams help in two weeks when the Tigers come calling.


Mercer? Really?

So, here is the basketball inclusion.  I don't know how many of you were able to see Alabama's performance against Mercer, but it was rather pathetic.

Alabama came out flat, remained that way, and played forty minutes of uninspired basketball. 

Mercer pushed 'Bama around, out-rebounded them by 18, and in the end, managed to come away with the victory after outplaying Alabama in every phase of the game. 

Sure, this may just be the first game, but there are plenty of things that need to change, and Alabama will get their only chance before heading to Maui on Wednesday to face off against Florida A&M. 

Alabama will hopefully right the ship on Wednesday, but there is hope for a first round win in Maui as Oregon lost to Oakland at home Monday night.

So, with football in an off week, or, as coach Saban calls it, a time to "chill out," we will turn to basketball for this week's question. 

As I stated earlier, Alabama looked completely uninspired against Mercer, a team Alabama beat on the road last season. 

It sure didn't help the Tide that Brandon Hollinger, Senario Hillman, and Alonzo Gee went a combined 4-25 for the game, but good teams find a way to win, and Alabama couldn't do that on Sunday. 

So, this week's question is...


Will the Alabama Basketball Team Be Able to Right the Ship Before SEC Season?

There are plenty of games and plenty of time between now and then, but most of those games aren't easy.

Alabama plays Oregon, Texas A&M, Georgia Tech, and at Clemson for sure, with the chance of playing North Carolina, Oklahoma, Notre Dame, Indiana, St. Joseph's, or Texas in Maui as well. 

As always, leave your comments below or write an article expressing your views on the topic. 

That's all for this week, guys.

Thanks, and Roll Tide,