South Africa 2010: Hola Heita!!

sam naikContributor INovember 18, 2008

As a fellow South African, I am very curious to find out what the world actually knows about South Africa and its football. South Africa will host its first ever Soccer World Cup, and rightfully so, as we are a footballing mad nation. 

The South African soccer team, known as Bafana Bafana, will have all eyes on them when the World Cup takes place in their backyard. Bafana Bafana have a team with many stars including Benni McCarthy and Aaaron 'Mbazo' Moekena of Blackburn Rovers, and Steven Pienaar of Everton.

However, despite our number of great players we have failed to play together as a team, and it will be somewhat of a miracle if we pass the first round; however, every person in South Africa will be cheering the boys on.

South Africa is home to football clubs such as Kaiser Chiefs, Orlando Pirates, Sundowns, and Maroko Swallows, have any of you heard of them?

For those of you who do not know who they are, well, let's just say they are like the Man United and Liverpools of football in South Africa...although they are not nearly as good as them. They are our bigboys.

For those of you who are planning to come to South Africa to watch the Soccer World Cup, I suggest you get familiar with a few terms that we use in football.

The first being SHIBOBO. This term was made special when Benni McCarthy put the ball through Peter Schmeichels legs in a World Cup game. So, basically, a SHIBOBO is when a player puts the ball through another player's legs

The second and most important term is LADUUUUUMA—which is the term South Africans use when a goal is scored

When one comes to South Africa, he or she has to buy a Vuvuzela...which is a noisy little instrument that all the soccer fans take into the soccer stadiums to create an atmosphere. It's like a plastic horn and goes for about four pounds.

Tourists must also get familiar with the term BRAAI, which is the equivalent for a BBQ, because when in South Africa, you will be having lots of BBQs because the weather is so great.

For those beer lovers, you better get ready for the best beer you have ever tasted in your life: CASTLE LAGER. So, once you enter a  stadium order a Castle Lager and you won't go wrong. :)

FINALLY, everybody needs to be familiar with the terms LEKKER, which is the equivalent of nice, and HOLA, which is the equivalent of greeting a person

For all those who are coming to SA for the World Cup, you will have an amazing time, guaranteed. From the lovely weather to the lovely people to the lovely soccer, it will be one tremendous vacation.