Novak Djokovic Et Al: What They Said, Really Meant and Definitely Did Not

Linus Fernandes@mktimeforsportsAnalyst IISeptember 1, 2011

Novak Djokovic Et Al: What They Said, Really Meant and Definitely Did Not

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    Donald Young

    What he said:

    "I think everyone’s light turns on at their own time. I’m starting to feel like mine is turning on." 

    Donald Young, once labelled the "next big thing" of American tennis, feels that he’s a late bloomer, much like Mardy Fish. Young is 22 and was the youngest ever junior Grand Slam winner at 15—before Bernard Tomic—winning the Australian Open in 2005. Young beat Lukas Lacko in straight sets to make it to the second round of the US Open.

    What he really meant:

    “I need more electricity. Can I find it here at the US Open?”

    What he definitely didn’t:

    “Until now, I was a light bulb without a filament. Cold. Dead.”

Caroline Wozniacki Compliments Her Complementary Boyfriend

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    What she said:

    "I’m definitely trying to keep up. He has something I’m looking for and I have something he’s looking for. He wants to be number one, so it’s good to have something on each other."

    Caroline Wozniacki has the No.1 ranking but no Slam. Rory McIlroy has the US Open title but not the No. 1 ranking. Quite the complementary couple.

    What she really meant:

    “The score’s one-all in this game of love.”

    What she definitely didn’t:

    “We’re considering cross-training. Golf weds tennis, sort of thing.”

Novak Djokovic Is Representative of the Sport

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    What he said:

    "I’m aware of the responsibility that I have as a present number one to represent the sport in some ways off the court. So I need to do that in a best possible way. You know, I’m trying. You tell me, how am I doing?"

    Novak Djokovic cares about being No.1.

    What he really meant:

    “It’s quite difficult, you know. Earlier, I could take the mickey out of Roger (Federer) or Rafael (Nadal) when they were ranked higher. But I can’t mimic myself, can I?”

    What he definitely didn’t:

    “That explains the Maria Sharapova Head commercials.”

Novak Djokovic Is Pressurized About CVAC

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    What he said:

    “Well, it would be great if that machine had wings so it can fly wherever I am playing.”

    Novak Djokovic denies that the CVAC Pod or “pressurized egg” is the reason behind his stupendous run of form this year. The technology, Cyclic Variations In Adaptive Conditioning (CVAC) simulates “rapid changes in altitude, which allegedly stimulates the body on a cellular level, therefore increasing oxygen absorption and promoting muscle recovery—in essence boosting the lymphatic system.”

    In his initial talk with the Wall Street Journal (WSJ), the men’s No. 1 player praised the device:

    "I think it really helps—not with muscle but more with recovery after an exhausting set. It’s like a spaceship. It’s very interesting technology."

    Djokovic has since refuted using the technology to enhance his results this year.

    The Djoker said:

    "I’m going to repeat it for the last time: It doesn’t have any influence on my success."

    What he really meant:

    “Get real. I can’t take that machine with me everywhere, can I?”

    What he definitely didn’t:

    "The Flying Serb and his Flying Machine—wouldn’t that make a great headline?”

Li Na Finds No Answers to First Round Exits

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    What she said:

    "Because after they beat you, they think, ‘Oh, I beat a Grand Slam champion.'"

    Chinese tennis star, Li Nareacts after her opener loss to Romanian teenager, Simona Halep. The French Open champion has struggled in the latter part of the season. Na lost 2-6, 5-7 in straight sets, her second successive exit in the first round of the US Open.

    Na said:

    "Before the match, I talked to my coach. I said I didn’t have good timing to hit the ball. He told me everything is perfect, everything is fantastic.

    "I say, ‘Yes, everything is fantastic, but I always lose first round.’

    "This is not fantastic. I think we need to change something. I think maybe the coach just tried to give me confidence, but I don’t think I got it."

    What she really meant:

    “I’m a treasured scalp—a trophy in itself.”

    What she definitely didn’t:

    “If they lose to you, they think, ‘Oh, it’s OK, I lost to a Grand Slam champion.'"