Matt Hardy: Fan Perspective of Why WWE and TNA Superstar Seriously Needs Help

Joe Burgett @JoEburGett_WESenior Writer IIIAugust 31, 2011

Matt Hardy: a man whom many in this age grew up watching on WWE programming. Those who didn't grow up seeing him but saw him when they were younger also saw spots of brilliance.

At one point, Hardy looked to be making major strides to becoming a main-event player. His storyline with Edge and Lita ended up putting him at a level of popularity even WWE management had no clue he'd reach.

It was crazy to think that a guy no one thought very much of was becoming a potential main-event threat.

We first came to know Matt along with his brother Jeff as the Hardy Boyz. They were a daredevil team that would do whatever it took to get noticed. At one point, both were coming in as jobbers and just doing shows off and on for a little cash just to work with WWE. Finally, WWE gave them an opportunity to go under contract with them, and BOOM, we were introduced to the big-time team.

We grew to know them as one of the risk-all teams in WWE history. Jeff would do suicidal moves that maybe never had a plan behind them but would be done anyway. Matt took calculated risks, but risks that made some cringe before doing. He never flinched.

They started doing ladder matches, which were nothing before the Hardys to be honest.

Shawn Michaels and Razor Ramon really went the extra mile in revolutionizing the ladder match from the first-ever match of it. But, when Matt and Jeff started getting the opportunity to be creative, ladder matches went from a very limited scene of matches, to a big-time match that we saw on the regular.

The Hardys then became so popular for them that they were in a ton more. At one point, they along with Edge and Christian and The Dudley Boyz, went through a series of matches that were known as TLC matches.

All of them said that they outdid themselves, which was a mistake on their part, because they all felt those matches could never be duplicated or bettered. Maybe one day they will, but who knows, right?

Matt and Jeff became so big with younger fans, and even adults, that WWE allowed them both to go after singles gold too. Jeff won the light heavyweight, hardcore, and IC title while Matt won the hardcore and European title. All this while also being known as tag specialists and winning multiple tag titles.

Jeff then left the WWE due to Wellness Policy issues and refusing rehab. Matt then went on to be a big-time singles competitor and that's when the true Matt became known. He was no longer the older brother of Jeff Hardy, but just Matt Hardy. He finally stood out and his fans kept backing him.

The multitude of Hardy fans just keep growing and even today, they grow more and more. It's like a never-ending chain of love for these guys.

I'll be the first to admit, I'm 21 years old. I grew up watching these guys and idolized them. I wanted to be them and do what they were doing. That's why it pains me to talk negatively about the two, even as a journalist.

While sure, I may have been a Hardy mark and wanted a ton of success for these guys, I do not condone the actions by the pair, especially Matt.

Jeff has had issues now in two wrestling companies and TNA eventually suspended him. Matt however has never been a noted drug or alcohol addict like Jeff. He has always been clean and that was the one thing most people respected about Matt.

If nothing else—despite however much weight he gained—his wrestling, mic ability or whatever else, he had the fact that he was clean. He was the responsible brother.

But, then 2011 was the year of stupidity by Matt. Sure, 2011 was a huge year of stupidity for Jeff as well—let's not forget that. But, Matt makes more press to me because we expect this of Jeff by now. I mean, who wouldn't? The guy still has federal drug charges against him.

Matt was the guy we could count on—the guy that kept Jeff in line. When he arrived, we thought great, Matt can help Jeff from screwing up his life more. But it seems like that has been reversed.

Matt was always the guy clean under the WWE Wellness Policy. Was he now going into a dark place just to try it out? To be like Jeff?

I mean, it makes people wonder, right?

We, the fans of Hardy, the people that backed him all along even through the crap he pulled to get out of WWE, are being rewarded like this?

He goes from respected talent, to a guy with the least amount of respect from peers and fans alike.

First he gets a DWI, then he falls down steps and has to be rushed to the emergency room.

And then—when you think that is it, that the stupid fun has ended for him—he idiotically posts what many take as a suicide note on his YouTube account.

Fans saw this, and freaked out.

Sure, we may not condone actions he has made in the past but we care enough to not see the man take his own life. I mean seriously, we are fans who care about wrestlers. Far too many have died.

Over 30 calls were made to 911 in the state of North Carolina alone to report what Hardy had done. Friends posted on Twitter that they had no idea what was going in, such as Shane Helms. He even stated he had nothing to do with it.

Beth Hardy, Jeff's wife, blasted Matt for what he had done. Police came to their house to keep them on suicide watch.

And Matt thinks this is funny? Or thinks that this is just okay to do?

What, you thought putting a cryptic note on YouTube pretty much seeming like a suicide note and expected no one to take it that way?

As a fan, as a person with a heart, I do care about Matt Hardy. Hell, even those who aren't really fans of his will not want him to kill himself. Anyone who wishes that on a person is psychotic in their own right.

Hardy has a heart, and I'm sure he realizes what he did last night was idiotic. But these "mistakes," if we can really call them that nowadays, are piling up left and right.

Sure, I get that a heart that's made of gold can't really beat at all, but at the very least, spare the fans who care about you and don't try to work us at every turn, especially the kind of stunt from last night. How can we all be fans of a person who continues to work every little thing? It's almost impossible to care.

If someone told me that Matt died, I would think it was a joke before I thought it was true. That's how far Matt has gone in all of this

Matt needs serious help, and rehab is the way to go in it all. He's making psychotic choices that are not only bad for his health, but turn people off to him.

He then talks about how the fans that truly care will be with him in the end. Matt, bro, people can only care so long before you tick them off too much to do so.

As a Matt Hardy fan, I'm almost completely sick of you. That's how far you've gone with all of this crap you try to pass off as fun.

In just a two-week span, you went from a guy people had at least an ounce of respect for, to a guy who has almost no respect at all. You've lost your job now, and it's doubtful WWE will take you back after all you did to them last year to get released in the first place.

It pains me to think that I could be a fan of a guy who puts me through so much crap every week, sometimes every day. Why care anymore?

Matt, you seriously need mental rehabilitation. Seek it, if not for you, for the people who still care about you—which, is possibly only down to a handful nowadays.

You wanna dig yourself out of the hole you've made?

Do it—call us when you do.


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