2008 NFL Season Analysis: Rankings and Predictions

Mike CraigCorrespondent INovember 17, 2008

After just coming off of my best week of predictions thus far (13-2-1), I have decided to go back to doing my rankings. This time I will rank each team from 1-32.

So what happened in Week 11?

The Philadelphia Eagles and Cincinnati Bengals tied. The last time there was a tie in the NFL, it was back in 2002 when the Steelers and Falcons tied.

The Steelers and Chargers made history as the Steelers beat the Chargers 11-10. That looks more like a baseball game score I know.

The Titans beat the Jaguars to remain the NFL's only undefeated team.

The Dolphins moved to winning four games in a row now as they moved from last to second place in the AFC East.

The Jets beat the Patriots on Thursday Night football to become the sole leaders of the AFC East. The Jets are also on a four game winning streak.

The Buffalo Bills have lost four straight now and went from being a top of the AFC East to being in the basement.

The Green Bay Packers beat the Bears 37-3 while the Vikings fell to the Bucs 19-13 causing a three way tie in the NFC North. (Packers win tie breaker with a 3-1 record in the division).

Carolina continues to be doing amazing while being unnoticed at 8-2.

Mike Craig's Power Rankings (1-32)

1. Tennessee Titans (10-0)

When two old quarterbacks meet in Tennessee this Sunday, will the Titans remain undefeated?


2. New York Giants (9-1)

Do the Giants have what it takes to repeat?


3. Arizona Cardinals (7-3)

Is it just me, or does it seem like the Cardinals should have spent more of their money on Anquan Boldin than anywhere else?


4. Carolina Panthers (8-2)

Do they need to set some explosives off or something in order to get people's attention?


5. New York Jets (7-3)

How can you not believe in Brett Favre and the Jets after that performance?


6. Tampa Bay Buccaneers (7-3)

Does it really matter that they don't always win pretty?


7. Pittsburgh Steelers (7-3)

Why do people care wither or not the touchdown was there or not, didn't the Steelers win?


8. Miami Dolphins (6-4)

Will Miami win five straight when they head to New England this Sunday?


9. Denver Broncos (6-4)

Their record may be 6-4, but is this team really legit?


10. Atlanta Falcons (6-4)

Sure he makes SOME rookie mistakes; however, how well is Matt Ryan going to be now that all the rest of the games matter?


11. Indianapolis Colts (6-4)

Do I sense a resurgence?


12. Minnesota Vikings (5-5)

This team is on such a roller coaster, how do we know that there are other players on the team other than Adrian Peterson?


13. New England Patriots (6-4)

At 2-2 in the division, are they going to let Miami beat them again?


14. Dallas Cowboys (6-4)

Now that Tony Romo and his pinkie are back, will they be contenders again?


15. Green Bay Packers (5-5)

When this offense is rolling, it is scary to see what happens. Will Ryan Grant and Aaron Rodgers be able to keep it up for 10 more games (if they win their next six and enter the playoffs)?


16. Baltimore Ravens (6-4)

What happened Sunday during the Giants?


17. Washington Redskins (6-4)

How do you expect to make the playoffs if you keep losing?


18. Cleveland Browns (4-6)

Is Brady Quinn the answer?


19. Philadelphia Eagles (5-4-1)

Will they start giving NFL players a test on the rule book so everybody knows about overtime during the regular season?


20. Jacksonville Jaguars (4-6)

Are the Jaguars really bottom feeder material?


21. Chicago Bears (5-5)

How does a No. 4-ranked rush defense allow 200 total yards rushing and 5.3 yards per carry (especially to a team that is in the bottom in rush offense)?


22. New Orleans Saints (5-5)

Will they throw in the towel, or keep on trying as they face Green Bay on Monday night?


23. Buffalo Bills (5-5)

With four straight loses now, will they be able to catch themselves falling and climb back up?


24. San Diego Chargers (4-6)

How many close games are they going to lose before they realize that this isn't golf?


25. Houston Texans (3-7)

Will they ever start living up to their hype?


26. San Francisco 49ers (3-7)

Congratulations, you beat the Rams. Think you can do that with Dallas?


27. Seattle Seahawks (2-8)

So who thinks Mike Holmgren will retire in the middle of the season?


28. St. Louis Rams (2-8)

What happened to that two game surge that made this team look like a contender?


29. Cincinnati Bengals (1-9-1)

Will they ever catch a break?


30. Kansas City Chiefs (1-9)

Are they just trying to make it look like they are trying, or are they really just playing for respect now?


31. Oakland Raiders (2-8)

What do you think Al Davis? Was firing the coach the right direction? I don't see any difference.


32. Detroit Lions (0-10)

I wonder when the Lions will realize that the numbers are in the wrong column?

Division Predictions after Week 11

AFC EAST: New York Jets

New York Jets (7-3)
Miami Dolphins (6-4)
New England Patriots (6-4)
Buffalo Bills (5-5)


AFC NORTH: Pittsburgh Steelers

Pittsburgh Steelers (7-3)
Baltimore Ravens (6-4)
Cleveland Browns (4-6)
Cincinnati Bengals (1-9-1)


AFC SOUTH: Tennessee Titans

Tennessee Titans (10-1)
Indianapolis Colts (6-4)
Jacksonville Jaguars (4-6)
Houston Texans (3-7)


AFC WEST: Denver Broncos

Denver Broncos (6-4)
San Diego Chargers (4-6)
Oakland Raiders (2-8)
Kansas City Chiefs (1-9)


1. Tennessee Titans
2. New York Jets
3. Pittsburgh Steelers
4. Denver Broncos
5. Miami Dolphins
6. Indianapolis Colts


NFC EAST: New York Giants

New York Giants (9-1)
Washington Redskins (6-4)
Dallas Cowboys (6-4)
Philadelphia Eagles (5-4-1)


NFC NORTH: Green Bay Packers

Green Bay Packers (5-5)
Chicago Bears (5-5)
Minnesota Vikings (5-5)
Detroit Lions (0-10)


NFC SOUTH: Atlanta Falcons

Carolina Panthers (8-2)
Tampa Bay Buccaneers (7-3)
Atlanta Falcons (6-4)
New Orleans Saints (5-5)


NFC WEST: Arizona Cardinals

Arizona Cardinals (7-3)
San Francisco (3-7)
Seattle Seahawks (2-8)
St. Louis Rams (2-8)


1. New York Giants
2. Arizona Cardinals
3. Atlanta Falcons
4. Green Bay Packers
5. Carolina Panthers
6. Tampa Bay Buccaneers



Wild Card Round
Steelers over Colts
         Dolphins over Broncos

NFC - Buccaneers over Falcons
         Packers over Panthers

Divisional Round
Jets over Steelers
         Titans over Dolphins

NFC - Giants over Buccaneers
         Packers over Cardinals

Titans over Jets

NFC - Packers over Giants

Super Bowl
Packers over Titans

Yes, in the end I still have the Packers going to the Super Bowl and the Titans going to the Super Bowl. Why? Well to put it simple, and I mean this is a real unbiased way, I think the Packers are being over looked because of their record. The Giants were only 10-6 last season coming into the playoffs.

At 5-5, the Packers are still very capable of going to the playoffs and to the Super Bowl. Especially if they play the way they did against the Bears for the rest of the season. If I would have done my analysis after last week, the Packers wouldn't be there.


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