5 Reasons Brazil Could Rival the US and Canada as a UFC Destination

Andrew Barr@@andrewbarr8Correspondent IAugust 31, 2011

5 Reasons Brazil Could Rival the US and Canada as a UFC Destination

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    UFC 134 was this past weekend and it was the promotion's first event held in Brazil in more than a decade.

    It was clear that Brazil had been dearly missing the UFC, as the event sold out in under an hour.

    Dana White has since spoken about how great the trip to Brazil was and how great the fans are down there.

    It's probably safe to say that the UFC will be making many more trips back to the Brazil in the coming years.

    However, it's a wonder whether or not these trips to Brazil will be like the UFC's trips to England, Germany and Australia, by which I mean events held to appease the fans in those countries, but are not necessarily that successful.

    The other possible outcome is that events in Brazil end up being very lucrative for the UFC, like most of their events in the USA and Canada.

    Here's six reasons why events in Brazil have just as much potential to make the UFC money as events held in Canada and the US...

No Time Zone Issues

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    I believe a major reason the UFC has had issues with overseas events not being as successful as their events in America is time zones.

    When they have events in places like England, the UFC is forced the air the PPV in the middle of the day back in North America.

    With an event airing in the middle of the day, people are less likely to buy it because they might have to work, or might just have other things to do.

    I'm not sure exactly what time zone Brazil operates under—I believe there are three, actually—but it's close enough to Eastern Standard Time in North America to not be an issue.

    UFC 134 was held in Brazil and the UFC was able to air it the usual time that they start their pay-per-views, 9 p.m. Eastern Time.

Large Population

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    Brazil is an enormous country with a population approaching 200 million.

    That's more than five times the population of Canada and equates to a massive market for the UFC to tap into.

    Small countries are hardly worth the UFC's time to visit, but countries with large populations allow the sport a lot of potential for growth.

    Brazil's population is more than large enough to support this potential for growth and it's also a country that loves sports, which works in the UFC's favor also.

Dedicated Fans

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    Dana White said the fans who showed up for UFC 134 were the best fans ever.

    The vibe throughout the UFC's weekend in Brazil was very positive and fans were overjoyed to have the chance to watch an event, live and in person.

    A large fan base is good, but a large fan base of people with great attitudes is phenomenal.

    Based on the huge show of support this past weekend, the UFC can count on selling out every time they go back to Brazil, for sure.

Soccer Stadiums

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    The UFC played it safe with UFC 134.

    They had the chance to do the event in a large stadium, but decided to go with an arena instead.

    The event sold out in under an hour and many fans were left unable to get tickets.

    Dana White has said that the next time the UFC returns to Brazil, they will hold the event in a soccer stadium.

    The UFC Pres has no doubts that they can fill one of these stadiums easily and that equates to a whole lot of money for the UFC.

    The UFC broke their record for attendance earlier this year when they did their first Toronto event and it looks like they might break that record again some time soon.

Fighting History

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    The UFC's roots are inseparably intertwined with the country of Brazil.

    The first ever UFC tournament winner was a Brazilian fighter, Royce Gracie, who had a massive impact on the sport by showing the effectiveness of Brazilian jiu-jitsu.

    The UFC owes much of its success over the years to Brazil and a result I believe the two parties will always have a working relationship.

There Are Tons of Talented Brazilian Fighters

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    The formula to having a successful UFC event in a country other than the USA is to have a fighter from that country headline the card.

    The UFC has done it multiple times with Georges St-Pierre in Canada and with Michael Bisping in England.

    A lot of the most talented fighters in the world today are coming out of Brazil, so the UFC has tons of options for fighters who could headline events there.

    Anderson Silva, Junior Dos Santos, Lyoto Machida, Jose Aldo, Mauricio Rua and Antonio Rodrigo Nogueira are all fighters who could main event a card in Brazil.