When Gas Prices Get High, I Want Carl Edwards Driving My Car

Mark Eckhart Jr.Correspondent INovember 17, 2008

Carl Edwards is killing Sunoco.

For the second time in three races, Carl Edwards proved he can stretch the fuel further than any mind could imagine, even his team's, and drove to victory, under power, in Homestead on Sunday night.

Edwards knew he had to win the race to have any shot at all, and crew chief Bob Osbourne asked Edwards to start saving gas with 25 laps to go.

Edwards came back with a plea to wait until 20 to go because he felt he could get the lead.

Even if he waited five more laps after that, I doubt it would have mattered.

Edwards was already as dominant as any team could be this season on the intermediate tracks, but if you throw in the fact that he can save gas at such a high rate and stretch fuel further than drivers only dream about, then that's just simply unfair.

If not for a motor problem in Atlanta in the spring, Edwards would have had an even 10 victories this season, and possibly could have even won at Charlotte if not for a mechanical problem.

Every driver and crew chief plan for a fuel strategy race towards the end, but just like Johnson has figured out the chase format, Edwards has the fuel game figured out. He seemingly knows just when to conserve, and when to go for it, and we all as fans sit back and think "oh, there's no way he's going to make it with 10 laps to go."

Then five laps to go, we get on the edge of our chairs.

White flag, we have our hands to our mouths.

Checkered flag waves, and he just left us in disbelief.

Forget the bailout bills, Edwards is the solution to the gas problem. If I had a choice on a driver to have in my car during rush hour traffic in New York City, I want Carl because he can get up on the wheel, and we could go probably hours further than expected.

It's hard enough to win a Sprint Cup race just by being faster than the competition. To do it by outsmarting all of them, and saving more fuel than the rest, that's a whole different ball game.

Carl, you had a great run and took all NASCAR fans on a great ride these last few weeks with your daring strategy, and magical fuel saving capabilities.

If you bring half of that enjoyment with you in 2009, then I can't wait to see what you have in store for us.