Mark Webber's Red Bull Wings to Fly Him to Wales

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Mark Webber's Red Bull Wings to Fly Him to Wales
Vladimir Rys/Getty Images

Wales has always shown a love for one sport over all others. After living there for four years, it became abundantly clear early on that rugby stole the nation's heart.

In fact, most guys grew up wanting to compete, and as such, there is a barrage of youth squads within England's neighbours.

Yet, in September, the nation will welcome Formula 1 into the streets of the capital of Cardiff.

Mark Webber has been announced to follow in the footsteps of Jenson Button and his Manchester show by showboating the talents of Red Bull through a custom-built street track. 

Announced on their official website, the Red Bull team will not just feature one Formula 1 driver. Daniel Ricciardo of HRT will also take to the road in a Red Bull Nascar. 

It won't be the event that will turn the tide on the dominance of rugby in the mindsets of the Welsh, but it marks a great spectacle for a country who provide their own Rally of Wales.

And you never know, maybe the folk of Cymru—Wales in Welsh—can teach Webber a thing or two about raising his game and taking the fight to his runaway leader teammate, Sebastian Vettel.

One thing for certain is that after Jenson's popular exploits in Manchester, Webber will receive a rapturous response to his debut in the Welsh capital.

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