WWE: Could We Be Seeing a New, New World Order?

Josh McCainSenior Writer IAugust 31, 2011

The past couple weeks on RAW felt weird having Kevin Nash come out to the ring without any music. I mean, I know why they did it because he wasn't "employed" by the WWE at the time, so why would he have music?

However, I found it peculiar that when he was finally "signed" by the WWE, that instead of giving him his old Diesel horn music, they chose to give him the nWo theme.

When I heard it pop I got a little giddy, but didn't think anything more of it at the time.

However, this morning I popped on over to WWE.com and they had a story up about Nash possibly reforming the nWo for the umpteenth time.

I mean, after all, when Nash came out and screwed CM Punk, many of us were talking about he and Triple H reforming the Kliq or even a new Corporation. Both options, by the way, would be fine with me.

But in all honesty, because it was just Nash with no Hall or X-Pac, I wasn't even thinking nWo.

I've got to say that I like the possibility of the nWo reforming rather than the Kliq or even a new Corporation.

I know many of you are probably doubting a return of the nWo because the WWE mishandled it the first time they brought them back, but honestly, that was more because the fans at WrestleMania that year in Toronto became nostalgic for Hogan, and Vince McMahon won't let a good storyline get in the way of making money.

The original nWo was great because it caught us all off guard. It started just before the internet ruined all surprise in wrestling, so when we all saw Scott Hall walking into Nitro and sitting down in the front row, we were all like "what the hell?"

We didn't know what was going on. There was a lot of questions and disseat, especially when Hall said he had a friend coming in (Nash), and then right before Bash at the Beach, Hall and Nash said they had a third guy who'd show up.

None of us expected that guy to be Hulk Hogan. As the weeks progressed, more guys joined the nWo ranks, some were expected and others were unexpected (like Rick Rude showing up on a Live Nitro and a tapped RAW).

The WWE already shocked us with Nash showing up at SummerSlam. I don't think I heard or saw anyone talking about Kevin Nash screwing Punk before that Sunday.

And like the WCW, the WWE has us asking questions. But instead of "who's the third guy?", we're asking "who sent the text?"

At Night of Champions we could get the answer to that question, and very well could get more questions.

Now the thought of a new nWo, or Kliq, or Corporation intrigues and excites me, but the WWE needs to learn from past mistakes.

SYDNEY, AUSTRALIA - JUNE 15:  CM Punk celebrates with fans before facing Shelton Benjamin during WWE Smackdown at Acer Arena on June 15, 2008 in Sydney, Australia.  (Photo by Gaye Gerard/Getty Images)
Gaye Gerard/Getty Images

First off, they can't do what WCW did, and pretty much have anyone who is popular and can sell merchandise join.

As much as I liked the nWo originally, when everyone started joining and WCW then split them into different factions it started to get old.

WCW broke the No. 1 rule of villains in fiction, they can't ultimately win, because then what?

Of course we all know the story of the WCW. They were sold to Vince and the WWE.  But because none of the major talent in WCW signed on with the WWE. The WCW invasion along with ECW was pretty weak.

Then, of course, the WWE brought back the nWo, but it was spoiled from the beginning because Vince told us before they even came out.

There was a pop when Vince spun his chair around and we saw "nWo" sprayed on the chair, but we were still weeks away from actually seeing the nWo. A much better approach would have had them come out of the crowd to screw someone or just pummel someone. Make them look rouge instead of goons hired by Vince to help take his company back.

But like it always does, pro wrestling has given the WWE a mulligan to fix the mistakes they made with the nWo. It doesn't even have to call this incarnation the nWo, they can call it whatever they want.

Either way, whether we complain about certain aspects of this Nash/Punk/HHH feud, it's all we're talking about. Even though many in the IWC are mad that John Cena is once again going for the title at Night of Champions, it isn't the main event if it is booked that way.

Everyone wants to see what is happening with Punk. I was dead tired last night, but I stayed up to see the Punk and HHH contract signing because I wanted to see it live and not read about it at work before I got to go home and watch it on the DVR.

Even with a miss step here and there, I still love this feud, and I honestly think it could carry on into Mania. Depending how well the WWE handles it, it could overshadow Rock vs. Cena.

Either way, this feud is going to push Punk further up the food chain and make him a bigger star. It's also going to be a nice swan song for Nash to end his career on, and if it goes the way of the nWo, it could drag a few lower-tier guys on the food chain as well.